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Protect those tresses

Published:Monday | July 6, 2015 | 12:00 AMJody-Anne Lawrence

It is the season where the beach is our best friend and Jamaica's white sandy beaches beckon to everyone near and far, and though this summer love might not break your heart, it could break your hair.

The beach is a summer hot spot and women spend the early part of the year preparing their bodies to fit into these bikinis and one-pieces to enjoy some fun in the sun. This fun may easily turn into a disaster if you do not take care of the saltwater damage that the beach can cause on your mane.

Flair, with the expertise of hairstylist Pauline Ellis gives women tips on how to protect their tresses this beach season.

Wash Immediately

Once you decide to go to the beach, ensure you have enough time to shampoo your hair.

"You need to shampoo your hair immediately. The saltwater dries out the hair and if it is not washed out, then it can cause damage. You hair will become brittle and lead to breakage," Ellis noted.

Moisturising shampoo with deep conditioner

Ellis recommends the use of a moisturising shampoo as well as a deep conditioner. This will help to replace the moisture that was removed by the saltwater.

Treat hair and trim ends

Try to treat hair every two weeks. It is also recommended that you trim the ends to prevent split ends from developing.


"The same way that you would moisturise your face is the same you would do to your hair. The more you keep it moisturised the stronger it is," she noted.

Protect from the Sun

Many believe that because they are not going into the water there is no need to worry about their hair. This is a misconception because exposure to just the sun can cause damage to the hair in the same way you can get a sunburn, hence one needs to protect the hair from the direct heat. Ellis recommends a moisturiser with uniblock.

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