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Treasure the Beach

Published:Monday | July 6, 2015 | 12:00 AMKrysta Anderson
‘Buckle up’ and make waves this summer season in bold black.
Style and ‘Grace’ are the order of the day for this two-piece swimwear.
Whether from the front or the back, ‘wall crawl’ will definitely make a confident statement.
Dare to stand out with a difference with ‘Tie me up’.
Whether from the front or the back, ‘wall crawl’ will definitely make a confident statement.
Sail off to ‘Paradise’ with this unique tropical YC Clothing original.
‘Grace’ the party scene and get tribal with this uniquely hand-painted white and blue one-piece.

Summer is finally here, so you know what that means. The party season is ready and waiting for you to kick it into high gear! If you're planning to sizzle on the social scene, strutting in swimsuits on fleek, with a splash of sophisticated chic, then why not do so in fine style with YC Clothing's Treasure Beach Collection?

Yahdie Conscious designer James Black is no stranger to the fashion scene. In fact, she is a local style mogul who has dedicated 10 years of her life to spreading her love for fashion to the fairer and fabulous sex, both locally and internationally. Having made her debut in swimwear in 2012, she recently slayed the runway at Caribbean Fashionweek with steamy and sultry looks fresh from her show-stopping summer collection. We caught up with Black to find out more about the tropical oasis swimsuit line she calls Treasure Beach.

Inspired by the St Elizabeth locale, Black told Flair she was inspired to create a line from a destination known for its beauty and serenity. "It is a very peaceful place and it's quiet, yet it almost has this edginess to it. It's untapped, everything around it is raw. You can tell that even the tourists down there want to experience the authentic side of Jamaica. A lot of people know about Treasure Beach, but it's not a heavy tourist area, and when you go down there it still tends to be very quaint - that's what I like about it." It was at her aunt's home close by that she conceptualised what is now the prized collection - Treasure Beach.

She expressed that like the lush resort, her designs, too, are edgy and authentically Jamaican. "The line has a Caribbean edginess to it - easy-going - the signature of our climate and culture, YC brings a touch of sophistication to the mix. The pieces are easy to wear and still exude a tropical luxurious feel for a weekend getaway."

For the woman looking to 'runaway' for the weekend to Treasure Beach or any other lavish tourist resort, a piece from YC should be in her closet - ranging from big sleeves, tribal print, mesh, to bold patterns that make a stylish statement. She incorporated the tropical theme in an innovative way, even experimenting with hand painted patterns that aren't only one of a kind, but genuine - just as she thinks Treasure Beach and Jamaica are.

Over the years the designer has stayed true to the brand of YC, but this line has taken on a whole new level, tapping into the confident, grown up in her. So take these easy, breezy and gorgeous YC looks from the runway and features them into your fashionable life. And just remember: "Life's a beach. Treasure ... improve your spare moments and they will become the brightest gems in your life."