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Bridesmaid From Hell: Fainting Game

Published:Monday | December 14, 2015 | 12:00 AM

Your bridesmaid from hell has returned to say what many of my fellow brides maids think but very few of you say. I will say it for you and this week I am talking about the late bride.

Now Jamaicans are used to their parents telling them to eat before they are going anywhere even if there is going to be food. So you would not believed that I almost fainted at a friend's wedding because she just could not get ready.

Now I know things tend to go wrong on the wedding day, but women take advantage of these things. Taking your own little time thinking that it is OK because brides are always late. It is not OK and if I was not a bridesmaid I would have left and gone home which I did after another friend of mine decided that she was going to be three hours late for her wedding. Well I was not bridesmaid then so I left!

But this time I could not. So of course being miss dramatic, I had to grab on to the bridesmaid in front of me to try break my fall and caused a commotion at the wedding! Smelling sauce and butterkist saved my life. Now I am the fainting bridesmaid.

Brides you need to be on time to start on time so we don't steal your thunder by passing out or having your guests leave.

Think on this.

Love Your Bridesmaid from Hell