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My Best Christmas

Published:Monday | December 14, 2015 | 2:26 PMKrysta Anderson

For the few caught up in the hustle and bustle of the real world, their idea of a Christmas Carol can only be measured to that of the grinch who stole Christmas- Ebenezer Scrooge. But for the many who take the time out to indulge in the seasonal celebrations, someday at Christmas, men will actually be boys.

With that in mind, Flair decided to share in the Christmas cheer, and asked a few of our readers to take a stroll down memory lane and share their best childhood Christmas memory with us.

Iceta Wright recalls her youthful years spent baking Christmas cake with her mother and sibling as one of her best Christmas, “We would eat the cake batter when Mommy baked Christmas cake. She would give one of us the bowl and the other the spoon and we would eat the left over until we were sticky.”

Juett Carty too highlighted her favourite Christmas memory stemming from baking the famous Christmas cake with her mom, “mixing the sugar and butter until it becomes smooth and creamy, then getting to lick the spoon from the batter.” She continued, “It’s always a big thing at my house from painting the house to decorating to playing games like Chinese skip and cricket with a melted bottle for the ball and a coconut bow cut out for the bat. We would even do carolling at church and roam the town with friends. Christmas was and still is my favourite time of the year.” 

Oneil Wilson’s fondest Christmas memory was waking up to the smell of fried ham and ackee. “A few days before Christmas y dad would take all the empty glass soda bottles to the shop and get a new cart, or two, of soft drinks. Kola Champagne was my favourite. Even if we didn't have gifts, just having my family, cousins, aunties and uncles coming and going made it feel warm. Not to mention staying up all night eating fruit cake and setting off clappers. I was eight at the time. That was my fondest memory of Christmas living in Kingston.” 

Speaking of special effects, Davio Williams’ greatest childhood Christmas memory came when he least expected. “My brother and I were chilling outside after having Christmas dinner one year and it was there that we both saw our first fireworks display. It was magical and different because immediately as the neighbours lit it and it burst in the sky, and all we saw in our neighbourhood was “Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year.” We were in awe of how beautiful it was.”

Shiekera Smith revealed that at age six she had her most magical Christmas, because for the first she appreciated the experience of the true meaning of Christmas. “It was in the 80s and Mama got cloth and even made me a new red dress with white trimmings and two little pockets in the front for the big Christmas programme: with the nativity play, choirs, recitals, food and gift presentation at church that Christmas Eve. It was awesome!” 

Rayon McLean shared similar sentiments, recounting the opportunity he received in gracing the stage at church one Christmas. “My best childhood Christmas memory is between performing in church. You know, singing the famous " C is for Christmas". And visiting grand market in May Pen. The entire May Pen would literally be walking up and down one street for hours.

Daina Dixon remembers as a child staying up all night with her family waiting for midnight. “Everyone gathering in one room chatting until it touched 12 a.m., so we could all say Merry Christmas to each other.

Then we knocked out till sun came up. And Andia Lalor thought of the time when she went out of town to be with family, “The simple sweet memory of having all my relatives- aunt, uncles, cousins, mom, grandparents prepare the house and the baking of cakes, and the making sorrel and food for Christmas. Waking up to the scent of all that and our laughter sharing in happy moments spending that quality time together.

Winston Watson recalls his earlier Christmas with the anticipation of Jonkunu, “The excitement of it all made you aware if you didn't already know, that it was Christmas, as well as eating delicious food with family and friends, While for Joshua Hamlet, one of his best Christmas was when he was finally a family again with his Mom. “I remember getting a box of Lego and building my life, since my mother had just moved to a new place and it was heaven to just be as a family.