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Never Say this to Your Woman

Published:Thursday | December 10, 2015 | 6:50 PMJody-Anne Lawrence

In relationships, 'honesty is the best policy'. But that doesn't mean you need to say and ask everything that comes to mind. If it hurts, keep it quiet and if you cannot accept the worst possible answer, do not ask it.

We reached out to our female readers, and here are a few things that some women believe men should never say or ask them:

When you know they are wrong and you are arguing with them, and then they ask if you are on your period.

He should not ask how many partners I have had before him.

- L.B.

Never say to me, "Honey, have you gained some weight?" No, no. That is a licence to kill. Please do not do it. Even if I am 20 pounds heavier, never ask that.

- V.L

Do not ask me anything about my past relationships at all. That is off limits.

- K.W.

Never say my sister is cuter than I am. I should be the cutest and hottest person in your world.

- J.S.

Do not ask me about my ex's anatomy or sexual performance. [It is] completely inappropriate. It is not a competition.

- S.V.

Do not ask me if I would be open to letting your ex teach me to do anything, whether in the kitchen or bedroom.

- S.M.

Do not tell me you don't see us working out, but you think I would be a good mother, so you want me to have your child.

- S.K.

Do not tell me that I don't cook or clean like your mother. I am not your mother!

- S.D