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Chapters of Love: The Appleton's Story

Published:Monday | December 21, 2015 | 12:00 AMKrysta Anderson
As the sun sets, the couple close off their evening as husband and wife with a kiss.
The beautiful wedding cake.
Sealed with a kiss.
The Appleton bridal party: (from left) groomsmen Yekini Binnie and Timothy Laing, best man Timon Appleton, the groom and bride, maid of honour Shanika Bryan and bridesmaids, Sheena Allison and Chanice Appleton.
The bride and groom bask in their happiness as husband and wife.
The newlyweds gaze longingly into each other's eyes.
The bride and groom dance 'watch me whip' as they make their way into the reception.
Beside every great man is a strong woman.

There are many chapters to a love story, so it was fitting that newlyweds Tanecia and Marlon Appleton began their love story at the library.

The two met in August of 2002 at the Kingston and St Andrew Parish Library on Tom Redcam Drive, where Tanecia taught Marlon's daughter. "I was a summer teacher and had cheerleading practice with some students, including Marlon's daughter. He is a very protective dad, and as such, he wanted to meet the person in charge of his daughter," Tanecia explained to the Flair.

Love at first sight

The lovebirds immediately hit it off. Marlon noted that Tanecia was stunning, and so immersed was he in her natural beauty, he needed to play his cards right so that he could make her his 'happily ever after'.

Tanecia blushed in recalling the memory of that day. "I can still feel the butterfly effects of seeing Marlon as I as I stood before him and introduced myself. I froze, and though I wasn't saying much, he could hear a lot from my broad smile and blushing face. It was truly love at first sight," she confessed.

Having a relationship was not something that was made official for the Appletons. Instead it was automatic. "We never talked about it or sought each other's approval - we just somehow knew and accepted that from the moment we laid eyes on each other, we were in a relationship. It just came naturally," they expressed.

Multiple Proposals

After three months of dating, Marlon asked Tanecia to marry him. She was speechless. At 18, she thought she was too young to be married. But before she was able to answer, he migrated to the United Kingdom (UK). However, he did not give up on her and when he returned to Jamaica in December of 2004, he asked her once again to marry him, and live happily ever after in the UK. Again, she was unable to accept his offer of a lifetime.

However, fate had other plans. After deciding to date other people for a time, one day she got a call from Marlon. He asked if she was dating anyone, which she was not, and requested that they give their relationship another chance.

"Those words were music to my ears and that made 2012 a very beautiful year for me. I was elated as, after seven years, I was finally going to have the man of my dreams, so all was not lost," she said.

Third time's the charm

On October 1, 2014,

Marlon returned to the island. When they got home and he began unpacking his suitcase, he said, "Here Necie, this is for you." When she opened it, she found a beautiful diamond ring inside. She gasped with excitement and looked at him with a broad smile on her face. He asked her if she liked it and she responded, "No, I don't. I love it!" Then came the 'proposal'.

Tanecia revealed, "Marlon then looked me dead in my eyes and said 'Good, now you are my fiancÈe, so don't you dare take off this ring.' I laughed because it's the funniest proposal I've ever heard. He justified his actions by saying that he had asked me on two separate occasions to marry him and I didn't, so he was not going to ask again and be turned down for a third time. Point well taken. Marlon knows I'm the laid-back type who appreciates the simpler things in life and the finest things when it matters."

Beachfront Wedding

They both wanted a beachfront wedding, so a hotel was ideal. Finding the perfect one was not as easy as they thought it would be, and it took them two months of location hunting, but they were happy with their final choice. Marlon created a wedding website and sent the link to all of their guests, along with their invitation. There, those specially invited could view their love story, photos, bridal party and give song suggestions for the wedding.

On their big day, October 29, Marlon and Tanecia took to the beautiful Secrets Resorts and Spa in Montego Bay to be joined together in holy matrimony. Despite the weather forecast of rain all week, the skies cleared to facilitate the wedding of their dreams, releasing but a light dew when they were pronounced man and wife.

Their reception was festive, filled with love and happiness. They shared their first dance as newlyweds to Etta James' At Last. After which Marlon's daughter, Chanice, and Tanecia's were called to the dance floor for the father-daughter dance to Luther Vandross' Dance With My Father.

The dance floor was later opened and everyone had a whale of a time. The happy couple concluded: "The ceremony and reception were perfect. Everything was blissful and surpassed our expectations."