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The eczema challenge

Published:Monday | December 21, 2015 | 12:00 AMJody-Anne Lawrence and Cathy Risden

Although the summer is over, there are those of us who are plagued by eczema, and seem to be suffering a bit more during this time of year.

According to dermatologist Dr Dian Robinson, "Eczema skin has an inherent tendency to be dry. Moisturising the skin is critical as dryness can lead to itching and inflammation."

Therefore, for those who have eczema, it is important to moisturise and not only twice a day when we shower, but also throughout the day.

"A moisturiser should be applied as often as needed. In a cold climate, as often as every four hours may be necessary," Robinson notes.

The choice of moisturiser should not be taken lightly. There are certain key ingredients that work best for individuals who may have eczema, or you can go natural with coconut oil.

"The choice of moisturiser depends on the severity of dryness," notes the doctor. "Creamy moisturisers are best for extremely dry skin. Moisturisers with the ceramide proteins are better for the eczema skin."

She continued, "One may even add oils to the moisturiser such as vitamin E oil or coconut oil to seal in the moisture and reduce loss from the skin."

But sometimes the dryness becomes unbearable and the skin starts to flake. Robinson notes that at this stage it should be addressed by your dermatologist.

"If skin is flaky and itchy, then a prescription anti-inflammatory cream from the doctor is needed along with the moisturiser," she advises.