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Ettenio - Your answer to fabulous skin and hair

Published:Monday | January 4, 2016 | 12:00 AMJody-Anne Lawrence
Tiffany Blake's tresses after a year of using Ettenio hair products.
Tiffany Blake before
Ettenio Rewind Skin Care line.
Ettenio's Simply Divine Skin care line.
Ettenio's black raspberry skin care products.
Ettenio's Daily Essentials Hair Care line.
Ettenio's Repair and Growth, Hair Care line.
Ettenio's sleek new look, this is their nurtured hair care line.

After being on the market for three years, Ettenio has rebranded to make women love their mane again.

In October 2012, Ettenio launched nine hair-care products. Antoinette Palmer-Davis told Flair that this was after she decided to grow out her pixie cut to prove to her sons that it could actually grow. After doing her research, she made her own products and then decided to share them with other women after they worked so well for her.

She tells Flair that Ettenio started in her kitchen.

Since then, Palmer-Davis has expanded to over 20 products in her line and has also developed a skin-care line. This was no easy feat, but she was determined to let women feel as beautiful as they should.

"Nothing is better than hearing a woman say that she tried Ettenio and it worked - how it gave them back their confidence because it assisted in their hair growth," she told Flair.

This is why she listens to her customers, who tell her what they want. She has used their input to improve on the products that she has and to acquire the new ones in her line.

But she admits that it is time for her to open the market, especially with her recently launched skin-care products just finding their way on to the market. These were first launched in Cuba and then locally in November 2015.

Palmer-Davis explained that while she liked the old look, it had a more Afrocentric Caribbean feel to it. Though she uses natural ingredients in her product,s she does not want the misconception that the line is a natural hai- care line because she has processed hair. So to appeal to a wider market, she wanted to go for a sleeker global look that would appeal to everyone - women of colour with both natural and processed hair, Hispanics, and Caucasian etc - all hair types.

The skin-care lines also have something for all skin types. They are broken down into two categories: normal to dry skin, and combination (oily and dry) to oily skin. These lines include scrubs, body butters, and oils, daily cleansers, and toners, among other products. Collectively there are over 14 products in the skin-care line.

Ettenio is available in stores across the island with a distributor in Maryland and Cayman Islands. Palmer-Davis is hoping to be fully integrated in the island and the wider Caribbean in 2016 as her focus is to infiltrate the market and reach as many local and international distributors as possible.

But it doesn't end there. Palmer-Davis is currently working on a line of products for men. She is the only female in her household and this gives her a backstage view of what their daily skin-care needs are.

See their Facebook and Instagram page: @ettenio.