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Fashion Frolic with Dana Edwards Designs

Published:Monday | January 11, 2016 | 12:01 AM
Dana Edwards
Dana Edwards

Like father, like daughter - Dana Edwards is the spitting image of her father Bill Edwards in a fashion sense. Dana is known for her unique touch to the fashion industry and today Flair takes you behind the scenes of Dana Edwards' Designs 'Inspire, Fashion, Lifestyle'.

Popularly known for her high-waist maxi skirts, flared pants suits, and use of animal print, her passion for fashion took the runway when she found out she had a knack for designing and putting clothes together at a tender age, which became a full career in 2008.

Dana was raised in an industrial-garment manufacturing factory and told Flair that her desire to make her mark in the fashion industry did not only become a passion, but wanting to carry on the legacy of her mother, Lilieth, and father, Bill.

The fashionista and creative designer lives by the mantra 'Every challenge is an opportunity' embraces every chance she gets to make an impact on the runway. Adding that one of her most successful moments in the fashion industry is being able to partner with three retail stores, to date, which have been committed to carrying her brand Dana Edwards, which is now 11 months old.

One on One with Dana

1. How would you describe your sense of style?

My sense of style is tastefully sexy, (inspired by my body type), my clothing interests span from anything that will flatter a daring and curvy woman to very elegant, sophisticated and trendy wears.

2. How would you describe your design style?

Our sense of design style generally is inspired by our individual clients, their needs, tastes, preferences, body types, and season.

3. What is your most important rule of fashion?

Always wear what feels authentic to you.

4. What is your favourite design or collection to date and why?

Our primary focus is casual wear for the retail market and, as such, all designs that are executed by our studio is done with the final customer (target market) always at the core of the design process. Therefore, I can safely say that there is no one specific collection that I can consider my favourite because every piece is conceptualised in its unique way.

5. What advice would you give to young passionate designers who might be faced with challenges?

The passion inside of us is only the beginning of this business. Creating a business strategy for growth within the industry is critical for competitiveness and sustenance within the industry. Therefore, a practical approach to overcoming some challenges is to identify your target market, do some basic research as to what they need and create a business model to satisfy those needs. #Nevergiveup!

Dana Edwards Designs, Director

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