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Kamp Kamila's fitness challenge

Published:Monday | January 11, 2016 | 12:00 AMKrysta Anderson
Kamila McDonald

American entrepreneur, author and motivational speaker Jim Rohn once said, "Take care of your body. It's the only place you have to live." Echoing similar sentiments is fitness expert Kamila McDonald who recently spoke to Flair about her upcoming project to keep us fit and healthy.

If your new year's resolution has anything to do with health and fitness, McDonald has a challenge just for you- the Kamp Kamila Fitness Challenge. For her, this challenge is most fitting for new beginnings, since she can relate all too well to the real struggles of being overweight.

After changing her lifestyle and accomplishing her goals, with a strong support system in place, she has decided to give back to those still in the battle. "Social media is a great platform to connect with people in the world. I have made it my personal mission to inspire others, through my journey, and spread that message of good health and fitness across the world," she explained.

But the real reason she designed to do the challenge was closer to home. She told Flair that it was because of her sister, who recently brought a bundle of joy into the world. She pointed out that its not easy being a working mother, and sometimes the biggest battle of weight loss isn't with sticking to the programme itself, but actually getting started. "I wrote the challenge with my sister in mind, but envisioned it for working mothers. People have a difficult time starting. As mothers, we always have to fit everything in, whether it means homework with the little one(s) or housework, along with our careers. Having the right diet and exercise in the mix can be difficult, but it is important to strike that balance and be inspired and motivated to start, is what I hope to achieve."

The Challenge

The Kamp Kamila Fitness Challenge will span over 30 days from today January 11 to February 10. During this time frame, McDonald will include a comprehensive approach of giving fitness guidance as well as incorporating nutritional information. "There will be five days of workout, for about 20 minutes each day fitness is the focus this time around. And I will provide nutritional tips, post daily motivational messages and provide support all via Instagram no processed food, no sodas or juice, 2-3 litres of water everyday and one cheat meal per week, are all criteria for the challenge."

As a bonus, those who have decided to take on the challenge will have the opportunity to win a free consultation with McDonald. All you have to do is make a public pledge for accountability, and share your journey via Instagram with the hashtag #KampKamilaFitnessChallenge, that consists of videos, workouts and even pictures of meals.

Five winners will receive a free consultation with her to continue on the great path they have started.

High hopes

With this challenge, she aspires to change certain mindsets plaguing so many, like making people aware of what they put in their bodies, breaking down the notion that you are unable to eat healthily on a budget or while on a hectic schedule. "Here is a brand new year and we have all these fitness challenges. Let's leave them all behind in 2015 and charge forward to a healthier you. We need to live for today, instead of focusing on tomorrow because it is one body, which is our only vehicle to carry us around," the fitness veteran revealed.

She emphasised, "Don't worry about the fear of failure and commitment. It is OK to be scared, that just means you are doing something really brave. And slip ups only mean you pause, pick back up, observe what you have learnt and continue even stronger than you were before. Let this be the time in your life when you feel the fear and do it anyway."

What's Next

McDonald hopes to continue spreading the message of health and fitness across the world. "The second round of Kamp Kamila tour is in the works. On Thursday and every Thursday after, we will resume the Wata Workout at Emancipation Park."

She continues, "There is something absolutely beautiful about committing to a really tough goal, following through with it and reaping the results. You are going to love how you feel and look after 30 days, and I'm so excited to get started with you all. I know it sounds like a huge commitment and may even be a little intimidating, but don't worry, I will be right here walking you through everything you need to stay on track."

So, here is my public pledge: to take on the Kamp Kamila Fitness Challenge, and do the very best I can to change my lifestyle habits. Are you up for the challenge?