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The couple that plays together ...

Published:Thursday | January 14, 2016 | 9:04 PMKrysta Anderson
Suejen Haynes works on her upper body, a stone’s throw away from her hubby.
Preston Haynes enjoys not only his workout, but the view of his wife nearby.
Neil and Judy-Ann showcase the partnering squat.
Partnering pull up is a sure-fire way to test strength while staying close.
Stokely and Judy-Ann demonstrate a coupled-up chest press.
Seal your partnering sit-ups with a kiss.
Neil and Judy-Ann demonstrate a partnering push up.

They say the couple that plays together, stays together. But what if your play as intimate partners included fitness?

Many couples opt to work out on their own. And you probably can't blame them either: here is a space where you can escape and comfortably work on improving your body to achieve the ideal you. One such couple who decided to keep their activities separate is Suejen and Preston Haynes.

The couple admitted to playing basketball for fun, but that's about it. Preston occasionally attends the gym, but prefers to be outdoors, running the hills or swimming. Suejen, on the other hand, choose to go to the gym after making it her mission to lose weight. "My journey started when I realised my heart beats fast even when I was not very active and I thought that could not be normal. I was also tired of selecting clothes just because it fits rather than because I actually loved the outfit, and was tired of my constant unhappiness, and my family's concern with my weight every time they saw me. I was unhappy with how I felt and needed desperately to detach myself from the pounds," Suejen revealed.

While he didn't work out with her, Preston did offer his unconditional support throughout her journey. "I could not ask for a more positive supporter. He never allowed me at any point to believe I could not achieve my weight-loss goals. He ate what I ate, even when he didn't like it, he listened to my constant weight-loss conversations, he sincerely cheered me on. He understands struggle more than anyone else ever could. He is there when I fail, and he is there when I am screaming because the numbers on the scale decreased."

When asked would they work out together, Suejen confessed that they have actually worked out in the past, seeing who could do more sets or run the longest. "It's not that we have never worked out together, it's just that typically we do not."

So, here is a fitness challenge: For those of you brave enough to tackle the new year of health and fitness, I challenge you to give it a try with your partner. For motivation, view a few workout demonstrations you could try at the gym or at home, courtesy of fitness fanatics Neil Clarke, Judy-Ann Morgan and Stokely Rose. I guarantee you, it would draw you both even closer together as a couple.