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Making the switch: Cold turkey

Published:Thursday | January 14, 2016 | 12:00 AMJody-Anne Lawrence

When it comes to the new year, most resolutions tend to be around weight loss. There are quite a few that go to extreme lengths to accomplish these goals, which might be the reason they fall short as many do when they try the cold turkey diet.

President of Jamaica Association of Professionals in Nutrition and Dietetics, and registered dietitian and nutritionist Ava V. Simpson does not necessarily encourage cold turkey diets, but believes it is possible.

The disadvantage of going cold turkey is that cutting your body off anything suddenly, especially something that you love, can leave you in a withdrawal state. The craving might be too much for some to endure, and more times than not, individuals revert to their poor eating habits. What she does recommend is individuals taking it in stages.




However, if one has the discipline, she says, it can be accomplished, but first, individuals must consult a nutritionist or dietitian.

"One's body needs certain nutrients and when you decide to cut out certain foods you need to ensure you are getting the nutrients your body needs from other foods," Simpson explained.

Simpson went on to further explain that individuals usually look at the food but what they should do is look at the nutrients it contains. There are things that the body needs, and when you are cutting out certain foods you have to ensure that you are getting the good nutrients that they provide to your body. Thus one needs to be properly informed as to what they would be losing by eliminating food items.