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Making the switch: Little by little

Published:Monday | January 18, 2016 | 12:00 AMCathy Risden
Oily greasy chips are NOT a snack option.

Finally! You have decided to start your weight-loss journey. So your trainer tells you it's time to eliminate dairy, sugar, fried food, and consume more green leafy vegetables.

But, you are contemplating whether you should continue or just give up because you don't think you can do without your comfort foods.

Nutritionist Dr Joy Callender shared some easy and burden-free ways you can eliminate your comfort foods without giving up on your goal and without feeling deprived. "You don't have to try to do everything at once, but eliminate little by little," Dr Callender noted.

To accomplish your weight-loss goal, Dr Callender advised that you have a plan before hitting the gym. Be sure about what you want to achieve at the end of your weight-loss programme. "If you are working out three hours per day and still stopping at the pastry shop every day after work, how would one expect to maintain your weight-loss goal?" Dr Callender asked.

Dr Callender agrees that you need a variety of foods in your diet. But how much and what you consume may slow you down.

It is very important to manage your portion sizes. For instance, if you used to consume a keg of ice cream every Sunday after dinner, have an 8oz cup instead, then gradually replace it with healthier sweet treats such as tea.

Managing your portion size is the key to a little by little elimination diet, until you are strong enough to go cold turkey.

Although you need your protein intake, change your method of preparing your food. Experiment with different recipes to eat the healthier way.




Set a time within a day, preferable one day in the week, to indulge in your comfort foods. And be sure to manage your portion size.




If you don't have too much resistance for your comfort foods, avoid it much more rigidly/carefully. Don't bake a cake and try to resist it. Try not to keep those foods at home or in your desk drawer.

Go out and enjoy your comfort food instead of eating alone at home - you may tend to eat more. Try not to eat by yourself - share desserts and drinks.

If it is that you are not accustomed to vegetables, begin with small portions and increase as you go along.