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Patrice's militant transformation

Published:Friday | January 15, 2016 | 12:00 AMJody-Anne Lawrence
Newly-weds Donovan and Patrice White in December 2015 at the ‘Star Wars’ premiere.
Patrice White before.
Patrice White before she became disciplined with her transformation.

The yo-yo is a fun childhood toy, but having your diet on a string going up and down is not a lifestyle that you want to have, as was the case for Patrice White, and she made sure to get it straight because a healthy lifestyle is not a game.

White was always into fitness. She ran here and exercised there, but she could not manage to really shed the pounds, but she admits that she was not that committed when it came to dieting. It took a candid joke from her now husband, Donovan, to send White running to the hills literally.

"He ran a pregnancy joke. Well, he says it is a joke, but you know as a woman a pregnancy joke is not one that we find funny," she said. The very next day she decided that she would start exercising - take her health in hand. Being that she was always fit she knew that she had to do something more than just exercise, she had to make a drastic lifestyle change.

Admittedly, it was not easy for her to just cut things out of her diet.

"I am a sweets and bread person. I love bread and I could eat a box of Oreos, that is what I was like, but I knew that I could not do that anymore if I truly wanted to lose the weight," she said.

She went into intense training thereafter. She found two training partners who are both certified trainers, Courtney Bailey and Marlon Birbridge, who helped and facilitated her training. Her new regime included tyre flips, heavyweight lifting as she can leg press over 1,000 pounds and squat comfortably with 250 pounds, and she is only 126 pounds of what now appears to be muscle. She also does battle ropes and a bit of bodybuilding. February 2014 she developed a running club called Sonic Steppers to facilitate her training. She runs every day, starting between 3 a.m. or 3:30 a.m. for up to 26 miles, before her gym workout.

White did not only change her workout dramatically, she also changed her diet. She only eats good carbohydrates, which she mentioned are green carbohydrates, as well as wholewheat bread. However, she only eats them after a workout, so if she works out once a day then she would only consume them once per day. She had cut out red meat and sugars, one of her greatest love.

"It was not easy the first couple of months. From the January to about the September I just had some cravings and it was a bit hard, but I had made up my mind about it," she noted.

This was not without pinching her biggest weakness every now and then, but it was her husband that showed her how far she has come.

"I would occasionally pinch here and there, and we went to a restaurant and there was bread and I did not even try it. He looked on me and said 'Patrice, you have really become disciplined'," she told Flair.




But it was a work in progress, and as of October, she decided that she would even take it a step further by cutting chicken out of her diet. What started out as challenging a friend to not drink coffee if she eliminated meat for a month turned into a lifestyle.

She is closer to the body that she wants, which she describes as a middle ground between a bodybuilder and bikini fitness.

How she feels now? "I love my body." And her husband loves it, too.

She, along with her training partners, has formed a fitness programme called Get Ready For The Road with the motto 'Be a fitter version of yourself' to get individuals ready for the upcoming carnival season in collaboration with 'lehwegoandsleek' costume. Persons who are jumping in this costume on the day of carnival will get a 30 per cent discount off the fitness programme, which includes Spartan membership for that period, daily coaching, meal preparation, and some outdoor training that White does.

Programme begins: January 25.

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Sonic Steppers

Runs: Tuesdays and Thursdays at 4:30 a.m.

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