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Spry training: Safe way to get fit

Published:Monday | January 18, 2016 | 12:00 AMCathy Risden
Marshall arts and boxing trainer Ambrose Brandon (front left), Sharlene Conder (front right) and owner and trainer Jae Edwards behind Sharlene and fitness team pause for a group photo.
Wendy explosively pushing the 50lb prowler sled more than 80 ft.
High intensity, military-type exercise with constant commando push-ups.

I can still hear my trainer's voice in my head: "Come on, time, keep going, keep going, end strong, keep going ... 5,4,3,2,1!" Yes, it was a bootcamp, but let's just call it Spry Training.

Well, after my two minutes of bouncing up and down on a huge tyre, squatting with the battered rope, jumping with the rope, burpees with a twist (kick backs on the wall), sit-ups with punches, 15lb in hand side twists with 10 repetitions, then a 45lb sled on a turf twice, up and down, since I had not been exercising, you know who went down after that.

Mixed marshall arts and boxing trainer Ambrose Brandon guided me through my brief experience. Based on the intensity of my warm-up, the pulling of my muscles, the rushing of adrenaline, sweat pouring down my face, heart racing, I was definitely convinced that these workouts can help anyone to achieve their fitness goals in no time.

Spry is the first and only warehouse training facility in Jamaica and has been in operation since February 2015.

Owner and trainer Jvein 'Jae' Edwards told Flair Spry is considered a strengthening condition facility that involves crossfit training and a whole lot more.

Crossfit training is a fitness programme that combines a wide variety of functional movements into a timed or scored workout. It includes pull-ups, squats, push-ups, weightlifting, gymnastics, running, rowing - a focus on perfecting the seven movement patterns of humans: push, pull, squat, bend, twist, jog and walk.




At the epicentre of Spry Training's philosophy is hard work. And they believe that maximum effort, good guidance and counsel can help anyone achieve their highest goals and targets. "All of which are provided by every member of our team," Edwards shared.

The uniqueness about Spry Training, Edwards explained, is that they prepare you for it mentally. "Here we push you mentally through the trainers. It has been proven by research that exercise extends life. So we call you up if you don't attend. We give you back your money if you are not performing, in order to bring someone else in who wants to achieve their goals," Edwards advised.

Lauren Tenn is one such person. Determined to reach her fitness goals of being fit and healthy, Tenn said she was not disciplined enough to train on her own, but since she started Spry last June, there has been a personal trainer 'on her' all the time. "What I like with Spry is the personal training programme, so when I feel like stopping, there is no stopping, you are gonna go, you are gonna get there," Tenn said, adding that her trainer motivates her.

"I want to look good and Spry targets exactly what I want, and I have met a lot of my goals. I am not getting sick. I can see my body transforming and I feel really good," Tenn noted.

Physiotherapist Terri-Ann Samuels-James told Flair she was introduced to Spry by one of her patients who had a back injury, and through that lost 20lbs and was recovering well. "I said if they didn't re-destroy her back and made her lose so much weight, then I will try it. I tried it and I have lost weight and toned up and from time to time I work with some of our trainers for physiotherapy."

Where else do you have in-house physiotherapy? Edwards noted that if someone happens to fall ill or get injured, professional help is always there. "We are surrounded by medical doctors and physiotherapists," Edward reassured.

Jvein 'Jae' Edwards

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