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876 high fashion with D’Yani

Published:Monday | January 25, 2016 | 12:00 AMKrysta Anderson
Who said style had to be complicated to look good? D'Yani rock this light brown buttoned-up shirt with a black denim and tops it off with brown Clarks and and a beige fedora
When fashion meets flair: D'Yani displays a sophisticated sexiness in this white patterned shirt with grey pocket, subtly matching with his grey pants and gives the outfit a pop with a black and white bow tie and fossil watch.
To add a bit of flavour, D'Yani completes his shade of grey with a taste of black.
D'Yani goes a little bit tropical, but edgy in this look, with his dark toned floral shirt and beige fedora.

In this edition of 876 High Fashion, we feature the rising star who has set an unprecedented bar with his melodious voice. Today, we weigh in on his take on his style and what fashion means to him.

Singer and songwriter Andre McCormack, otherwise known as D'Yani, is acknowledged by his peers as comical and jovial, he is viewed as "a young man with a big heart". He has earned a respectful popularity among the fairer sex, which stems directly from his love for his original 'Juliet' - his mother. "Because of my upbringing in a single-parent household, my mother has been my greatest influence. This in turn has deepened my appreciation for the female counterpart."

His artistic brand showcases a fresh approach to reggae and dancehall, which is similar to his outlook on his choice of apparel.

His personal style is not only simplistic but unique. "I like fashion, but I am not driven by it nor does it determine my overall style of dressing. I normally put my outfits together based on what I like or what I perceive as suitable. So depending on the setting, I will dress accordingly. Solid, earthy, warm and neutral colours are the way to go for me. My closet may have a few bright colours, but most of my looks are developed from the colour selection previously mentioned."




His colour palette on and offstage is the same. He will, however, occasionally mix it up. "I'm a chill person and I guess I dress to reflect that. The significant difference between on stage and offstage would mostly be the type of shirt chosen. When I'm performing, I would likely select button-up shirts, while offstage, I would stick to a T-shirt or polo. "

He noted that a few must-have items within his closet include long sleeve Oxfords or Flannels, a watch (Fossil) a fitted dark colour pair of jeans and a vintage Clarks 'desert boot'.

How does he relate to labels? "I personally am not a fan of labels. Apart from the fact that I consider it free advertising for the brand, I like being unique. And most times, branded clothing does not offer you the opportunity to have your own distinct style. Not bashing all branded clothing, because I do have a few, but they have to stand out."

Occasionally dabbling in open-format productions that complete his personal brand, D'Yani is an advocate for positive and inspirational music. He focuses on recording as well as learning the fundamentals and the business aspect of the entertainment industry. In his spare time, he plays and watches football, enjoys reading and sessions of vocal training, and playing the guitar.

His advice to others who admire his style and want to find their own: "Never imitate. Just be comfortable in your own style and know yourself."