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Love Cemented

Published:Monday | January 25, 2016 | 12:00 AM
The groom Christopher Bryan (centre) is surrounded by groomsmen (from left) Kevin Baxter, Michael Bradshaw, Marcel Burrell and Alanzo Friend.
The happy couple.
The bride with her mother, Christine Cork, and mother-in-law Miss Cornetha Brown.
Silvera Castro (right), former industrial relations manager at Carib Cement, with the happy couple Christopher and April Bryan.
The beautiful women (from left): Saskia Bryan, Shawna-Kaye Bryan, the bride April Bryan, maid of honour Michelle Daley, and Cassandra Jackson showing off their footwear.
Bridal party (from left): Alonzo Friend, Marcell Burrell, Kevin Baxter, Michael Bradshaw, the couple's son Ajani their daughter and flower girl Christa, the happy couple, maid of honour Michelle Daley, Cassandra Jackson, Shawna-Kaye Bryan and Saskia Bryan.

Christopher Bryan and April Abbott cemented their relationship in a beautiful ceremony officiated by Father Walter Dorsey at St Theresa Catholic Church on December 19. Their reception followed at The Spanish Court Hotel.

Christopher and April met in 1998 when they both worked at Caribbean Cement Company. Christopher was a young engineer and April was working in the human resources department.

After the Initial exchange of contacts, the too started dating and because they both loved the sea, they spent their weekends going all over the island.

According to April, "He is my exact opposite. He keeps me in line he is always on time for dates and other functions, before that, I used to be late for most things. He keeps me active and alive."

She continued, "My Christopher is a wonderful, loving and strict husband and father, who always remembers my birthday and other special occasions. He admires me for my honesty, always telling him the truth, always telling him how I feel about everything, even if it concerns any behavioural attitudes that he might have. He admires my role as mother to our two children whom he loves with a passion."


To pop the question, Christopher took the family out to a Chinese restaurant for Mother's Day.

April recalls, "I was not aware that he and our son had secretly planned a surprise, so when dinner was served, they deliberately distracted me. When I looked on the table, sitting there in a transparent jewellery box was an engagement ring. When the question was asked, it was exotic, the air was full of excitement, my dream had come true. I responded with a resounding yes, because this was something that I have always wanted and so, today I marry the one I love, my soulmate. Chris and I will live happily ever after."

At the ceremony, their son, Ajani, walked his mother down the aisle and placed her in the arms of his father.

At the reception, the master of ceremonies was civil registrar Silvera Castro, April's former boss at Carib Cement Company. It was a real 'cement' affair, and, to top it all off, the beautiful cake was made by her colleague, Sonia Thomas.