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Hairstyles Five Thousand and Under

Published:Monday | February 1, 2016 | 12:00 AMKrysta Anderson
Stylist and owner of Salon Innovation Kerry Spencer adds finishing curls to Karlee Hunt’s sleek curls.
Jordan Spencer happily embraces her Afrocentric style of big rope braids.
Olivia Thyme rocks waves of weave with Kanekalon in fine style.
Sulan Campbell glows with her texturised Mohawk.
Karlee Hunt jazzes up her cut with sleek curls.

Last week, at the National Prayer breakfast held at The Jamaica Pegasus hotel, the Reverend Glen O. Samuels, president of the West Jamaica Conference of Seventh-day Adventists and guest speaker for the proceedings, declared, "May I say a word to the youngsters of my country. It may be fashionable but it's pitiable to walk around with a $5,000 hairstyle on a $5 head. There must be more in the head than that which is on the head."

Many commended him for putting it out there, while some have deemed his statement classist, but let's examine the beauty aspect of it for a minute. He had us thinking to which hairstyles was the reverend referring? Was he speaking of the popular Brazilian or Indian Remy's, or the Peruvian hair extensions? Certainly not. But what hairstyle can you actually get for J$5,000?


Flair took their discussions to Salon Innovation in New Kingston, and spoke with owner Kerry Spencer and her clients about different hairstyles you can receive for J$5,000 and under. One customer said that she has transitioned from wearing Brazilian, which costs more than J$30,000, factoring in the price for the packs of hair and the styling process. Based on the economic hard times, she revealed, she now sports a relaxed curly hairstyle, priced at J$2,000, and highlighted that men actually prefer and appreciate her beautiful 'natural' hairdo.

Sulan Campbell, who rocks a texturised Mohawk, stated that her hair is more manageable now than before, when it was relaxed. Karlee Hunt has sleek curls, a style she says works perfectly because she is growing back her hair, while Jordan Spencer and Olivia Thyme proudly boast Afrocentric big rope braids and European weave with Kanekalon, respectively, both under $5,000.

Kerry Spencer confessed that she got what the reverend was trying to say, and while she is reasonable with her pricing, many opt for the trendy styles which tip the cost over that amount. But so many, she affirmed, choose hairstyles based on their personal preference.