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Kamp Kamila's fitness challenge

Published:Monday | February 1, 2016 | 12:00 AMJody-Anne Lawrence and Krysta Anderson
There is a juice detox where only juices and smoothies are consumed — and this is favoured because you receive the benefits of consuming whole, fresh foods in the form of fruits and veggies.
Bran and raisin cereal with fruits and berries are great breakfast options.

When someone close to you tags you in a challenge to start anew with your health and fitness, they're trying to send you a message. So when a dear friend did just that to Gleaner writer Krysta Anderson when she saw the Kamp Kamila Insta Fitness Challenge on Instagram, she took it on in good stride and accepted the challenge.

Under the tutelage of fitness expert Kamila McDonald, Anderson and coworker Jody-Anne Lawrence were prepped and raring to go. Little did they know what they were really getting themselves into, so they decided to share a few things they have learned.


I initially thought that the eating aspect would prove to be too difficult to maintain. Imagine my shock when it was fitness which factored in hindering my progress.


After the first day of workout, I was out of commission for a couple of days. I took too much of a leap in the fitness department, working out at the gym in the day and at home in the night. That was definitely not going to work based on my schedule and the fact that I was recently diagnosed with osteoarthritis in my left knee. So from then on, I decided to just pace myself and listen to my body.


Instead of moping around, I turned my focus to eating habits. There was a slight shock to my palate, so I began to depend heavily on fruits for a burst of refreshing flavour. Being allergic to fish didn't work in my favour either - I was forced to eat mostly chicken breast, but I stuck with it.

I challenged myself by consuming vegetables in their purest form. My proudest moment to date is when I went on a date night and ordered chicken salad - not only was it unheard of in my book, I actually enjoyed it. I was making progress.


These bathroom breaks disrupted my creative flow, but I fell in love with the glow it gave my skin. I really like water now and I no longer feel the need to have something sweet. After all, I was allowed one cheat meal per week, so I would indulge in whatever I wanted then and be content with just that.


This journey has been far from easy, so I was happy when Lawrence joined in - thank goodness I wasn't alone. Whenever she felt like giving up, I was one message away to tell her she would be fine, and the same went for me. When the temptation at our desk was so real, we fought them one by one as a team. Now, instead of buying salty snacks, we buy fruits, and often share food we carry from home. I don't know how I would have made it this far without her.

We have one week to go. Hopefully, post-challenge, we will be able to keep it up and see some real progress.



I knew that I had to lose some weight but a New Year's resolution was not in the cards, so when Krysta told me about the Kamp Kamila Challenge I started to think about it. However, I joined reluctantly.

I honestly thought food would have been my challenge because everything I loved was prohibited, cheese, cheesecake, chocolate cake, chocolate, fritters, fried dumpling, and most of all fatty pork. But, believe it or not, I transitioned quite well, preparing my own lunches, avoiding the greasy stuff and the snacking. That did not faze me.

What fazed me - the workouts. I had to do them early in the morning because I could be asked to work late and that would mess up my whole routine. I woke up at 5 a.m. every day for the first week and almost just gave up by the fourth. The jumping in the exercises was not only working my knees but my lungs, as my asthma kept holding me back. So I made my adjustment - used my Body Fit machine and focused on the areas Krysta was working on for that day.

Honestly, having someone doing the challenge with you makes it easier, as you will have someone with you when you decline that chocolate or the stew peas with pigtails that smells extra good since you're on a diet.

After three weeks, I am uncertain about how much weight I have lost, but I am trying to avoid the scale until the month is done because I know it can be a deterrent.

One thing I did learn, though, is that healthy food does make you feel better inside and I do have more willpower than I actually thought I had.