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Make Your Day: Wedding Tips

Published:Thursday | January 28, 2016 | 12:56 PMJody-Anne Lawrence
Make-up artist and owner of Instagram store KlosetEssentials Latoya Hunt has a few of her products on display.
Kamala McWhinney of White Lotus Boutique showing the importance of the dress being beautiful from the front and back.
Ian Allen/Photographer Kamala McWhinney puts on the bird cage headpiece on Tasha Lowe as one example to head piece on your special day.
Eskay Caterers Stephen Hamilton at his post. He later gave a lesson on how to choose the right caterers.
Althea Lawla of the Salon Hair and Scalp Clinic explaining Tasha Lowe’s updo.

On Sunday, January 24, Helen G Event Planning and Design held a Make Your Day wedding workshop where everything about wedding planning was thoroughly covered.

Here are tips that came out of this workshop to make your big day a dream come true:

1 When a bride is choosing her wedding gown, she is to ensure that it is appropriate for her body type and shape.

2 Start your dress consultations as soon as you set a date, and never try on a dress outside of your budget. You might then find a dress you cannot afford and nothing will meet that expectation even if the dress you can afford is beautiful.

3 When it comes to your hair, you would need to focus on more than the style. Your scalp is important because if anything is going on at your roots, it might reflect on your face.

4 Start your hair consultation at least six weeks before and try different styles. Do not choose what is in. Choose what is you so that it remains timeless for you.

5 You can step away from the traditional, adding a pop of colour that matches your bridal party to your accessories.

6 When doing a beach wedding, avoid the frills and ruffles or cumbersome gowns that are not wind friendly.

7 Think of everything from undergarments to shoes. If you are thinking of using a waist trainer, buy it a month ahead of time and wear it so that you get used to the restrictions that you might have. You don't want to be an uncomfortable bride or have the pastor asking you to speak up when you say I do.

8 When choosing caterers, have a budget in mind. Also ensure that you gain testimonials and have samples of their food so that you know that they can do the job.

9 Communicate with the caterer exactly what you want and any allergies you or any of your guests might have.

10 Schedule a site visit for your caterer and wedding planner (if there is one). This will help them to know where to set up and what the water supply is like. This will also give you an idea of how to set up the reception venue.

11 If you are going to let the caterer just prepare the food and you are going to transport it, ensure that you know how to pack the truck to avoid any spillage.

12 For photography, ensure that you see a portfolio and get testimonials from other persons. Wedding photography is important. Ensure that this person is truly qualified to capture the day.

13 Good cinematography is important because it helps persons to relive the moment, so referrals are important.

14 Ensure that you have good chemistry with photographers and cinematographers. They will be in your face all day. If you do not have good chemistry, then your pictures and videos will show it. It is also important that your vendors all get along in order to avoid conflict and ensure smooth sailing.

15 When it comes to your wedding cake, you need to ensure that the person making your cake is a great baker and decorator. Jermaine Smith and Helen Graham told horror stories of how individuals' wedding cake icing ended up in the box and about cakes falling apart during the ceremony because the person might have baked a good cake but was not certified to decorate it.

16 If you are on a budget but

want the look of a three-tier cake, you can make one tier a dummy cake. This will allow you to spend less as more than likely, you will be charged for only decorating that area.

17 Consider having good signage for your wedding.

18 Balloons are back.

19 If you are having an outdoor reception, do not have a high centrepiece. It is likely to blow over and cause a mess. Also, do not make your table too busy. Not because you have several colours in your bridal party does it mean that you need to have them on the table. It might not photograph well.

20 Never let anyone dictate your wedding decor to you. Do not let your friends choose your colours or flowers. It is your case. While you should not allow anyone to make your day what they want it to be, the wedding planner sometimes knows best, and if he or she says it is best to go with a simpler centrepiece or not too many balloons and flowers, listen.