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Twas Trending

Published:Monday | February 1, 2016 | 12:00 AM
Tyra Banks
Amber Rose

Twas trending

Let's start the month of February with a bang! Check out the social scoop on this week's Twas Trending.

Tyra Banks surrogate delivers

Supermodel Tyra Banks revealed last year that having a child has been a struggle. Last week, her surrogate delivered a baby boy named York and all we can say is good luck on becoming the next top mommy! You deserve it.

A nasty threesome

So after Kanye changed his album name to Waves, Wiz Khalifa, on a business level, called him out, saying that Max B was the original Wave. He then posted something about 'kk' his weed and Kanye went crazy, calling out not only his ex, Amber Rose, but her and Wiz's child. Kanye, don't you learn? Never mess with a mama and her baby. His passive aggressiveness was no match for the feisty Rose and he fled the social scene the moment she appeared. Give her credit, she really does have a way with her


Carnival is here

The long awaited Carnival season is finally here! And Trinidad was trending as many make grand plans to jet off and indulge in all that soca has to offer. If you are not able to duck out from work, then no worries, you can always attend the weekly fÍtes and 'wuk up' as if you were on those Trini streets.

Classy Bolt

A video from Ian Boyne's Profile interview with the fastest man alive, Usain Bolt, surfaced this week. In it, he sheds some light on the classism he has faced here in his homeland. The world was shocked by his revelation, but Jamaicans from yard and abroad sided with the living legend, likening the social issue to that of racism experienced in the United States. Luckily for him, he doesn't retaliate in anger, he merely rises above expectations, and lets his natural talent do the real talking.

Gabrielle responds to Stacey

Apparently Gabrielle Union has forgotten who Stacey Dash is. Some will say this is a bit harsh, but many have to agree with Gabrielle Union. Since there should be no BET and no Black History Month, according to Dash, then to a black person, she must be that crazy girl or whomever, #Clueless.

Spotlight on the homeless

This is a two-in-one. Internationally, a man was seen bathing a homeless person on the sidewalk in a video and it went viral. Views ranged from the good Samaritan being a humanitarian to a man doing a deed only for show. Either way, it was truly a fresh approach to those who are often overlooked by many. Meanwhile on the local scene, a man who has been searching for his father for more than 20 years discovered that he has been living in the streets all along. In the video, the father denied having ever known him, but the son was just too relieved, reiterating that he knew his father wasn't dead. Hopefully, all will end well for the reunited family.