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Movie Love Lessons

Published:Sunday | February 7, 2016 | 11:03 PM




Fireproof is a true love story, filled with hope and salvation in a day when marriages are marked with infidelity, lack of commitment and selfishness. It teaches never to leave your partner, and to take the same risks you will take for strangers and more to save your marriage.


'Bridget Jones Diary'


Change is good but love the skin you're in. Bridget worked so hard to change herself and went on a wild goose chase of Daniel because he showed her a kind face after hearing Mark's characterisation of her. She later fell for Mark after coming into her own but you cannot let what someone says about you change you. Because maybe it is them who need adjusting.


'A Lot Like Love'


What started as a 'one-day' stand in the skies catapulted into a five year on again off again affair for Oliver and Emily. Their encounters established a pattern that love cannot be rushed and nothing happens before it's time, when it comes to matters of the heart. Let nature take its course and lead you to where you belong.


'What Happens in Vegas Stays in Vegas'


Love happens when you least expect it. Joy and Jack were forced to live together as a married couple, in order to share the money they had won in Vegas. Though intoxicated when they made their vows they eventually learned to tolerate and love each other. Love does not have to be far it might be right where you are.


'13 Going on 30'


Value the people you have in your life, unlike the movie you won't get the opportunity to turn back time. Jenna really lucked out when she got the opportunity to relive her history with Matt and make it right.


The Proposal


Faced with deportation, book editor and Canadian native Margaret pretends to be engaged to her assistant, Andrew. As fate would have it, the pretence led to the real thing since they both saw each other different lights. They taught us to never judge a book by it's cover: read the pages and discover what love has in store for you.


The Ugly Truth


Give the guy a chance and do not be too uptight about love because when you let your hair down you might see you're not all that different. Abby had to admit Mike was really a jerk but he did say what everyone was thinking but too scared to share.


'Pretty Woman'


Successful businessman Edwards meets prostitute Vivian and develops an unlikely love connection. The two showed us that you can find love in unexpected places, highlighting that love is about letting your guard down and embracing it for what it is, despite class and creed.


'The Duff'


Recently declared the designated ugly fat friend (DUFF), Bianca ditches her childhood friends, seeks advice on how to become a hot senior from jock, Wesley, where she not only finds solace and happiness. In the movie, Wesley reaches an epiphany when he sees her transformed, realising that he loved her the way she was all along. He proves that it makes no sense to change who you are. The right person will come along, and he or she will love and appreciate the true you.


'Mr and Mrs Smith'


This bored upper-middle class married couple was surprised to learn that they are both assassins hired by competing agencies to kill each other. Their love was too strong for them to go through with the job; instead they teamed up and turned against the agencies. A mission that spiced up their marriage and brought them even closer. Team up with your partner to fight against challenges this is also a bonding mechanism.