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Twas Trending

Published:Monday | February 8, 2016 | 12:00 AM
A section of the large crowd which gathered in Half-Way Tree, St Andrew to hear PNP president, Prime Minister Portia Simpson Miller, announce February 25 as the date for the next general election.
Kanye West

Welcome to this week of Twas Trending, where the rumours don't have to always be true, but have to be trending. See what we have in store just for you.


Roadblock in HWT


Orange was definitely the new black two Sunday nights ago, as scores of Jamaicans took to Half-Way Tree square in St Andrew to give their support to the People's National Party. With our local election day now announced, the political campaign trail is blazing with bright orange and radiant green. Come February 25, where will you place your X: beside the head or the bell?


The odd couple


The Internet went into chaos after Kim K and Amber Rose posted a selfie that they took with each other. They had social media followers asking, "Where is Kanye?" Maybe at home doing what he does best, living in the shadow of his woman. Tea, anyone?


Rihanna rocks patois


Critics, professional or otherwise, took to social media this week to bash Rihanna for speaking or singing gibberish in her new song, Work. So, because she didn't sing "Yea Mon" or "No problem" it is gibberish, right? Well, let's set the record straight: she's actually singing in the Jamaican dialect, known as patois, and did a pretty good job at it too - it's an honour really. You better work work work work work, Rih Rih!


Give up already


When you think that Chris Brown has let go of Karrueche, he strikes again. He disses Karrueche after seeing her in a Future hoodie. I wonder if he knew where Royalty was while trolling Karrueche's Instagram.


Super Bowl 50


Superbowl Sunday closed its curtains yesterday, but the lead-up had everyone abuzz, with stats of favourite teams, and of course the hilarious commercials. If you weren't at a viewing party yesterday, both internationally and locally, you were MIA on all the excitement the game had to offer.


To a worthy cause


Internationally, a mother who lost her son recently decided to donate his organs to those in need. Last week, she met a little girl who was the recipient of his heart. In the video, the mother of the girl expressed sincere gratitude for receiving a heart for her daughter which saved her life. After the deceased son's mother heard the girl's heartbeat for the first time, both mothers broke down in tears. A bittersweet end to a chapter.