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The James' love story - A match made in heaven

Published:Monday | February 15, 2016 | 12:00 AMCathy Risden
Lost in each other's eyes ...
The groom Horace James (right) and his four groomsmen (from left) Jayson Patterson, Kadree Barker, Rhoan James and Tim Montz.
Hope Harnett (left) and Aunt Cherry were caught goofing around with props for the perfect selfie.
Mr and Mrs James seal their nuptials with a kiss.
Mother of the groom, Thelma Simmonds, shares a photo moment with her grandson Terike (front), son Horace, and daughter-in-law Terri-Ann Samuels-James.
The 16 bridesmaids surround the newlyweds.
Bride Terri-Ann Samuels-James in her wedding dress made by Raylene of Lori Ann's Brides in Spanish Town.
Samuel's father, Garth Samuels, gets his son-in-law ready for his big day as Tim Montz looks on.

According to Mignon McLaughlin, a successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person. So it is with Dr Terri- Ann Samuels-James and Jamaican footballer Horace James who began their relationship via WhatsApp.

The registered physical therapist and her husband met at a party in 2009 and exchanged numbers, but did not get together until 2011. "Horace said he stumbled upon a photo of me that took his breath away while going through his phone and he sent me a message via WhatsApp and that was how we started," Samuels-James told Flair.

Though the couple were in separate countries, they hit it off immediately. They communicated every chance they got and after six months, Samuels said she threw caution to the wind and went to visit her prince in Atlanta. "My first memory was of him wrapping his warm arms around me from behind. He spun me around, literally swept me off my feet and kissed me quickly. At that moment I said to myself this was him ... I was certain then. I honestly think he knew then too," said Samuels-James to Flair.

She quickly became her husband's biggest fan, starting with attending his first match at Edmonton, Canada. "I just love watching Horace play - such passion and skill."

She continued: "During one of Horace's games he scored and immediately ran over to the stands to kiss his cheerleader - me - and at that moment it was clear that we were on each other's team."


A touching proposal


One night before James left for Asia, Samuels, James and his son, Terike, planned a lovely evening at Strawberry Hill to enjoy the company of their little family. "This new football opportunity had all happened so quickly and to be honest, I wasn't ready to let Horace go just yet," she confessed.

Much to her surprise, Terike gave his official mom-to-be an accidental clue as to what was about to ensue. 'Mommy, don't be sad, in an hour Daddy and I will make you the happiest woman ever.'

Samuels-James said they then made their way to her favourite spot on the compound, and as they stood admiring the beautiful view of Kingston and St Andrew below. Horace got on his knee. "Is this really happening now?" Samuels-James said she exclaimed excitedly.

James then said: 'I'm just trying to hear what Terike is saying to you," Samuels-James noted.

They both looked at Terike, who was holding a ring, and he asked if she would marry his daddy and make their little family official. "I bawled. One of those cries that included a very runny nose and incredibly red eyes. I had no idea this was coming, but I can safely say that I had never been happier than that beautiful moment," Samuels-James told Flair.


The Wedding day


On Saturday, December 5, was not an ordinary day for Samuels and James and especially her guests who arrived under the impression that they were attending an engagement party.

When her 150 guests arrived at Hermosa Cove in Ocho Rios, it was transformed into a picturesque backdrop for the wedding ceremony, that saw Samuels-James strutting down the beach aisle to her anxiously waiting groom. "A surprise wedding just felt easier and unique," she confessed.

The setting sun was complemented by shades of blue and white with highlights of orange and coral.

The newly-weds are currently in Asia enjoying their honeymoon.