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Rum, revelry (as usual) on nomination day

Published:Monday | February 15, 2016 | 12:00 AM
Even the donkey came out to 'support' Horace Dalley.

So nomination day came and went. Good!

I'm not sure why some Jamaicans have such a hard time accepting carnival because the revelry of a political party motorcade mirrors it so much. At least in my eyes. The real bacchanalists will look at my statement with horror, but, hopefully, you get my point. The skimpy clothes, the dancing and the merriment are all there. The only difference is the carnival road march is much more organised.

As usual, last Tuesday, the average Jamaican who, even if he/she is a member of the electorate, doesn't care much for the tomfoolery of nomination day, had to be sidestepping the fanatics as they paraded across the island. I've always been amazed at people who complain for four or five years about the state of their constituencies and divisions, but somehow, come nomination day, you would think the member of parliament or councillor is the greatest human being on the planet. It's troubling that you can inveigle grown men and women to walk around with cut-up

T-shirts bearing the names and faces of candidates whom they probably don't even really like. If Jamaicans were as passionate about the church, the island would be the envy of all holy places.

It says much about Jamaica's political climate when one of the most tweeted and talked-about images from nomination day was of a donkey dressed in party colours. The 'smart' Jamaican (aka not the mindless, unemployed drones who have the time to party every nomination day) is no longer really interested to see the candidates being nominated.




First off, there are more than a few familiar faces from the major political parties. So they're known. And if they've been in those seats for this long, they ain't going anywhere until they retire. The new candidates? Some of them might be the real deal, but the real thinking Jamaican won't be running around with them on nomination day or even election day. They will see what the person, if elected, actually does in terms of work, and take it from there.

But back to the animals. The demeanour of our four-legged friends, who have either been painted or dressed up in party colours, has always been hilarious. When excited or happy, animals respond accordingly. They always seem more forlorn during nomination day. I think it's because they know when people a tek dem fi poppy show! Speaking of poppy show, the people who continue to run against the incumbents in garrisons/strongholds, my hat off to dem. Waste a time! That $3,000 nomination fee could surely have been put to better use. I'm all for democracy, but people must be realistic as well.

I will say this, though. If you're a restaurant or bar owner, nomination day is actually not the worst day of the year. In fact, it might be the best business you do for a while (providing you get paid). So I guess the whole exercise, other than being a show of the democratic process at work, might actually be good for something. Just not for the animals.

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