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Kelly's World: Staying put

Published:Monday | February 22, 2016 | 12:00 AM

A friend of mine told me he had moved out of his parents' house a few months ago.

I was happy for the person because like skydiving, I've always thought about it but never got around to taking that plunge. For the record, if I had to choose between the two, keep di parachute!

But this whole moving out thing has got me thinking. Of course, there are more than a few pros for the moving-out argument. Your own space; your own castle (well, it's somebody else's castle, but you get what I mean), your own rules; freedom to run around the house butt naked if you want to. So if you want to bring in a 'little friend' without your relatives all up in your business, now's your chance. No more carpooling like you did at home with your aunt, your little brother, and Ms Baxter from next door (who yuh haffi carry because she know yuh long time).

But at the same time, I can totally understand why people would stay put in the family nest. First off, rent is an evil thing. It's like a bad cold that keeps coming back no matter how many antibiotics you take. And then, depending on the particular arrangement (sometimes utilities are included in the rent cost), you will have other things to pay for that you previously never worried about. It's not just about cooking your own food. You have to actually buy it to begin with. Never had to factor that in before.

And there are always little things that you never seemed to be without that all of a sudden, don't appear in your own place. That's because mom and dad were always replenishing the stock - most times without your knowledge.




It's almost as if it would be better if you were born in the 'country' and had to seek work in 'town'. Somehow, the people who were born and raised in rural Jamaica seem to be more adept at living on their own when the time comes. There's no place like home - unless home wasn't very happy. In that case, by all means, run like hell! Fly if you have to! Just get out! But for some, going back home will be an option, so they move out, knowing that there is the possibility that they'll be coming back. This is where the country argument comes in again because if you work in New Kingston but home is in the outskirts of the Cockpit Country, you can't exactly commute every day.

I haven't much advice to give on flying the nest because like I've said and implied, my wings are still on the young side. But I will say this: for those thinking about it, fly away, birdie!

I'm not totally convinced that you generally regret the things you didn't do at the end of your life, but I'm pretty certain, depending on your individual circumstance, that not bolting when you had the chance would be one of them. Just don't disturb your neighbours. Don't force the health authorities to come visit, and, please, pay your rent on time. Later!

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