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Royal Rita – Mystic of a Queen

Published:Monday | February 22, 2016 | 12:00 AMChristopher Serju
The range of products in the Royal Rita – Mystic of a Queen line.
Royal Rita candle, incense and room mist.

Known the world over as an ambassador for reggae music, Dr Rita Marley has now ventured into a new business: an aromatic home-care line of products appropriately name Royal Rita - Mystic of a Queen.

The line includes candles, incense, and room mists - relaxing, uplifting, and rejuvenating fragrances for the mind, body, and soul. They were born out of Marley's lifestyle as a member of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church, which incorporates incense and candles as part of a holistic lifestyle regime.

Now, she has transferred this passion to the development of her own line of natural products made from Jamaican indigenous herbs and essential oils.

The line of room mists includes Harambe, One Draw, and Easy Sailing.

Harambe invites you to become one with the rhythm of nature, which Marley describes as the uplift blend. It is infused with coconut oil, neroli, and ginger to invigorate the senses and energise the body.

One Draw is the irie blend. Marley told Flair that it was created to restore the balance between mind and body. "This mystical creation includes hemp seed oil infused with rosemary to promote focus and clarity." According to Marley, "It's perfect for early morning, midday, and evening meditation."

As the name suggests, Easy Sailing destresses the mind and relaxes the body with a blend of chamomile and lavender, which naturally makes it the relax blend in the line.

In this venture, the Marley matriarch is partnering with two of her daughters - Stephanie and Serita - and has plans to expand the brand. Products will be available for online purchase in April, but in the meantime, you can checkout the online store at www.royalrita.com.