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Signs that she has to go

Published:Monday | February 29, 2016 | 12:00 AMKrysta Anderson

When it comes to matters of the heart, it's always hard to say goodbye. And when a good man gives his all, it is extremely difficult for him to walk away from the woman he loves. But if she decides to add insult, injuring their relationship to a rocky fall, then it is best to just let go.

Not sure if your female counterpart fits the profile? Here are a few signs you need to take into serious consideration.

Disrespects your mother and or your family. Respect will carry you a far way, and the lack thereof should knock you 10 steps back. If she cannot respect the queen who carried you into the world, or your loving family members, then she, in turn, doesn't respect you and has to go.

Has no ambition. In this modern time of female independence, having a woman who isn't doing anything with her life and who cannot bring something to the table is pointless. After all, one hand cannot clap now, can it?

Prefers to hang out with her girls. Nothing is wrong with spending time apart, but if you find that she has more in common with her 'girlfriends' than you and would rather spend quality time with them than you, then what's the point?

Cheats more than once. Many are of the view that if a girl cheats once, she won't have the opportunity to do so again because she will be gone. But people make mistakes, so think about this: once is an accident; second time is on purpose; but the third is for spite. Three strikes and she should be out of your life completely.

Spends all of your money on herself. Men like to be the providers, but if you are in a relationship with a woman and she is always asking or just takes all your money and spends it on herself, she's not playing her part as a girlfriend. She is actually being selfish. Chances are, the money is being filtered into a lot of other unnecessary things or persons.

Overly jealous. A little jealousy doesn't hurt, but if you see her bordering on paranoia, that might be a sign of danger to come.

Demands too much time. Most women tend to be clingy, but if you are handling your business and she decides to check up on you every hour on the hour, then she has deep-rooted issues that she needs to resolve.

Violates your privacy. If it happened once, and she made a very big deal about it, then chances are it will very well occur again. And if you feel you can't nip that in the bud, that means that she doesn't trust you and you can't build a long-term relationship if you don't have trust.

Different value systems. This is generally a deal breaker for couples getting to know each other. If you find that you want to get married, and she is evading that commitment, there is nothing you can do to change her mind. There are just certain fundamentals you cannot compromise on, and if you cannot see eye to eye, then it's best you find someone with similar interests and goals.

Consistently picks an argument, constantly lying. Now, fighting may turn her on because she loves the make-up part. If you are like Mr And Mrs Smith, then go right ahead and have fun, but if arguing gets under your skin and she won't quit, you may need to terminate the love 'contract'. It will not get any better, only worse. Lying, too, will drift your relationship into deep turbulent waters, with one sinking and the other swimming. Save yourself before you take on a suicide-relationship mission.