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Cabinet or breakfront?

Published:Monday | March 14, 2016 | 12:00 AM
Prime Minister Andrew Holness (centre) with the Cabinet ministers and state ministers who will make up his executive after they were sworn in at King’s House in St Andrew.

Now you know I usually stay away from the politricks of the land, but mi mus' can pen a few lines about 'Champion Boy' Andrew (thanks for the headline Jamaica Star) and his Cabinet.

I can objectively say (this finger neva dip inna no ink), that I kinda like the group. For the most part, I think everyone in it is where I would have expected to see them. Brother Desmond McKenzie is tailor-made for Local Government, Man A Yaad Shaw was always going to be Finance and Public Service, Yogi Bear Bartlett was bound to be Mr Tourism, and Bashment Babsy Grange has Entertainment, Sport, Culture, and Gender Affairs on lock.

A few things kinda made me scratch my head and its increasingly-grey hair. Why is our Transport Minister, the ageless Mike Henry, also in charge of Mining? Just seems like that should be in the same portfolio with Industry and Commerce held by the also ageless Karl Samuda. Bobby Montague is a fiery customer when ready, so maybe a personality like his is what we need for National Security, I just wouldn't have bet on him getting it. Dr Christopher Tufton is another bright spark, but Health? Then again, previous health ministers didn't have medical degrees and did well. So man nuh dead, nuh call him duppy. Him get di baton at a bad time though, with Zik-V, H1N1 and all these things. God go wid him!

Something else bothers me. Champion Boy took on the Environment portfolio. Now I understand the cynics who say that all the person has to do is tell us how far the world's water levels have risen, and the increasing effects of pollution on our pristine coastlines. But the way I see it, Jamaica is one of the many SIDS (small island developing states) that is most likely to be hampered by the negative effects of climate change (rising water levels, increasingly violent natural disasters etc). So Andrew, being PM, has enough things to worry about, especially with such a small majority in Parliament. So constantly checking the rising global temperature and having at least one eye on the weather (no pun intended), should probably be someone else's job.

Happy for people like Fayval Williams (State Minister for Finance) getting in there, because let's be honest, she nuh need fi go inna politics. Furthermore, Man A Yaad needs all the help he can get. Floyd Green look like a good yute, so being deputy in the youth ministry makes sense. 'Mr JC' Ruel Reid get di big work in Education and Kamina Johnson Smith deserved a shot in the Cabinet as well. Party locals like Daryl Vaz, J.C. Hutchinson, Ruddy Spencer (who apparently wasn't under pressure at all, eh Mr Burke?) Derrick Smith and Dr Horace Chang have got some nice little spots too, and you can't wrong Champion Boy fi dat.

All I know is, Jamaican people mark hard. So di new pieces in the Cabinet better get going quickly. Like Sizzla did say "there is no time to gaze." More time.

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