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Carnival safety tips

Published:Monday | March 14, 2016 | 12:00 AMKrysta Anderson
Revelling is all fun and games, but don't neglect your personal safety. Be careful on the road.

Carnival is one of the most highly anticipated party seasons on Jamaica's entertainment calendar - not only for soca lovers, but for pickpockets and perverted maniacs as well.

With that in mind, it is important to be safe while you enjoy the festivities. Here are a few tips to consider while chipping down the road during the road march on April 3.

1 Travel with the bare necessities. Let's not give these pickpockets what they want. Leave all valuables at home.

2 Stay alert. Be aware of your surroundings at all times.

3 Keep close to your group at all times. It's easy to stray as the day progresses, so keep an eye out for each other so that no one is taken from the pack.

4 Have a meeting point. This is important in case you get lost. Meet somewhere like at the music trucks.

5 Be mindful of the large trucks that are a part of the parade. People are known to be partying and not paying attention, which can lead to bodily harm.

6 Pace yourself. You may experience rain and shine, and this can affect the stamina that you may have been working on for months. Use the ambulance or sick bay area of the road march if at any point during the parade you do not feel well.

7 Stay in the designated areas within the rope. Need a bathroom break? Do so in a group.

8 Walk with identification. In a worst-case scenario you will be able to identify yourself.

9 Wuk up responsibly. Carnival is known for being a free for all, but did you see the Stush photo last week? Know who you are dancing with and always have your friends close by.

10 Drink responsibly. Balance your consumption of those intoxicating mixes with water, and don't take drinks from strangers.