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The Soca Saga

Published:Monday | March 14, 2016 | 12:00 AMKrysta Anderson

With the scantily clad men and women gyrating and bubbling to beats laced with provocative lyrics, many wonder what part these revellers' significant others play in this process. We asked some revellers how they deal with participating in a carnival road march with or without their partner.

n I only had one boyfriend for three carnivals. He jumped in two of them with me and he was fine - liquored up and loving the vibe. I think, at the time, carnival, for him, was more about the appeal. Knowing I looked great, he could say that I was his girl and focus on what he could benefit from as a form of foreplay. There were other times following that I've jumped alone with my girlfriends and he was still very supportive. He just offered safety tips like be careful on the road with pickpockets and men who are heavily intoxicated. He advised, too, that I should stay in groups.

-H.E., female 27

I participated in the road march decades ago in the late '80s, with the company I worked with, at the time. Back then, we weren't as exposed like they are now, but we did jump and wine around in tankini-type costumes, which was considered elitist and skimpy for the era. My husband did not join me, but he had no problem with my involvement. It was a totally different time.

- C.J., female, 45

I've jumped twice with my girlfriends. My boyfriend watched me at a few watch points for one and just partied with me at the second. He didn't have any concerns about my costume, it's carnival and he knew what that entails. But even if he did, he couldn't say (anything) to me. He knows I would still wear what I want.

- S.S., female, 24