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Relationship rules

Published:Monday | March 21, 2016 | 12:00 AMKrysta Anderson ï Gleaner Writer

The rule of thumb for all relationships differ from couple to couple, but many can agree that sometimes the best therapy you can receive is from others who have trod the road to long and lasting love just like you hope to.

So, welcome to the Flair's Relationship Rules. We have decided to flip the script and share from a few of our readers how they've managed to stay afloat in this ship and into cruise control with how they relate to each other.

Whatever problems we have, no matter how small they are, we verbalise them. We sleep naked, except during that time of the month, because it helps us to stay comfortable with each other. We have chosen not to add each other on social media because social media involves communicating with other people and is not direct enough for us. We only speak on programmes that are direct enough for us like WhatsApp and Skype. Social media can distort things, and the absence helps to cut out any form of jealousy involved.

- A. J. male, relationship, six years


Always stay best friends first, and lovers second. Always be honest with each other no matter if it's going to hurt. Never invade the other's privacy, but have an open-book policy. Always go to each other first if there is a problem. Never let anyone or anything come between you.

- R. E., female, relationship, four years


Always try to meet each other halfway. Communication is key because if something isn't communicated properly, it can lead to misunderstanding and arguments. And always do things to keep the relationship fresh - play, talk, and go out to dinner or a party. I, personally, try to take my wife to a new restaurant once a month.

- T. E., male, married, five years


For the most part, having complete transparency has been the key. Everything else falls into place. Trust and respect stands at the core of things. Before things got serious, we were friends, so I believe, the key to a great relationship is being friends.

- S.W., female, relationship, seven years.


Kiss each other every morning. Go out on dates at least two times a month.

- A. R., male, married, nine years.


Open communication is great for sure. Always be honest about what is felt, and communicate it without sugar coating while maintaining respect.

- K. M, female, married, four years.


Always be vocal, no matter what. Actions speak louder than words, so if you say something, follow through on it. Ensure that the specific roles that each partner plays has been established, but know, too, that there is nothing wrong with switching things up and helping to do something that is not necessarily an area of expertise. We are partners, we are equals, so we have to share, create that balance, yet somehow maintain A level of routine and order as well.

- D. S., male, relationship five years


I don't know if I would consider anything a rule, but a few that come to mind are to never go to bed angry, always communicate and compromise, never judge and never deny each other sex.

- V. S., female, married, eight years.


Try to spend as much time with each other as possible. And, at the same time, give each other their space to have some personal time. Also, fix the relationship you or your partner may have with the in-laws as well, it is worth it.

- S. C., female,relationship 10 years.