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Beard essentials

Published:Monday | March 28, 2016 | 12:00 AM
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When it comes to facial care, some men tend to leave it up to chance. But like your lawn, they need upkeep.

According to cosmetologist and owner of Ultra Touch Beauty Salon, Norma Greene, not taking the necessary steps to maintain your beard will result in it looking like a water-deprived lawn.

With just six easy steps, men can rest assured that their 'face game' will remain on point.

1 Brush, brush, brush. You need to train the hair follicles of your beard by brushing - as simple and as easy as that. But be advised, you need to brush in the direction you want your strands to grow. For most men, it's upwards on the cheeks. Just about 10 minutes a day, even before it begins to grow, should do and more when stubble begins to show.

2 Soft and clean. Unfortunately men are guilty of using ordinary soaps on their face and, subsequently, their beard. This is a bad practice. Not only does it dry out the hair, but also the skin beneath. Instead, use a moisturising shampoo to cleanse the hair an average of three times per week, followed by a conditioning process. Leave-ins are best and require less time. Hair will remain soft and not wiry.

3 Oils are your friends. Whatever you use on your beard will certainly seep into your skin, so be careful. Greene recommends natural oils such as castor, olive or coconut to keep your beard moisturised.

4 Long or short, maintaining a trim is very important. Trim every two months if long hair is your preferred length, or every three weeks for short hair. It's like getting rid of split ends in your hair.

5 Get the tools. Invest in an electric trimmer. It is perfect for the edge of your beard. But for cutting large amounts, a scissors and a comb is just fine, explains Greene. Don't forget to trim the area directly under your nose and your nose hairs. This will dramatically increase the look of your entire beard.

6 Be patient. Anything worth having takes time. So don't expect a growth spurt or drastic changes. Wait for it, it will be worth it.