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The 'bun' saga

Published:Monday | March 28, 2016 | 12:00 AMKrysta Anderson

Easter is almost over, so you know what that means: 'tis the season to be sorry'. Many take the concept of 'bun' beyond the delectable level - or we would like to think, and give into the colloquial stereotype of giving or getting 'bun' (cheating or being cheated on).

So, in honouring both the season, as well as this men's edition, Flair asked a few of their male readers what was the hottest 'bun' they have ever given or received. Here are their responses:

• She cheated on me with a man who worked at a bakery. Worst part of it all, she made him deliver some bun at our house one time, Prestige bun at that! So, literally and figuratively, I got bun. I've never looked at Prestige bun the same again.

- M. L., 24


• In primary school, I had a lot of girlfriends, my favourite was Karissa* but I was also with a cheerleader, Maria*. I was at my school fair one year and I don't know what happened, but all I know is a lot of girls surrounded me and Maria was screaming that I should choose between her and Karissa. I chose Karissa in front of all of Maria's friends and she has never spoken to me again. Even to this very day.

- K. W., 24


• My girlfriend caught me at a party with her roommate. My girl and I had been on and off for a few years when she moved in with a new roommate. The roommate was hot, so I would run some jokes with her to get her reaction and let my eyes linger on her when she was wearing certain things.

Long story short, her roommate called me one day about something from my workplace and we began to communicate via WhatsApp, and touching each other when my girl wasn't looking, the works. We would even meet up to hook up. One day, I told my girl I was going Bacchanal. She said she didn't want to go. I knew she wouldn't because she doesn't like soca. So, I took the roommate. She surprised us there. We were winning when she saw us. I haven't heard from her again, and stopped dating the roommate soon after.

- N. T., 30


• My girlfriend gave me 'bun' with a classmate she called a 'waste man'. During university, we would always talk about him in class behind his back because he hardly attended lectures and he never remembered assignments - hence the name 'waste man'. I found out a few weeks later that they've been going out for a while.

- L. R., 33


• My girl got pregnant by another man. That's the worst kind of 'bun' any man can get, especially because she never has unprotected sex with me.

- P. B., 28


• I got 'bun' from a girl who wasn't even my type - my friends had set me up with her. I never wanted her and my friends bet me to sleep with her, and look where I ended up. I was so upset.

- H. W., 25


• The hottest one I got was when I was in high school and had a girlfriend and she was secretly involved with a classmate of mine. One day, while he and I were standing under an arch, she came over, passing me like she didn't even know me, went over to my 'breddrin' and started lip-locking with him. All I could do was walk away. He eventually got the cookie that I was supposed to.

- L.M., 29


• I slept with my boss' girlfriend. Initially, I didn't know they were together, and I was married at the time. So the day I was to 'get it', I borrowed a friend's car (untraceable), and went to her apartment.

We started making out, and hopped out of our clothes. Just then she told me, 'There is something I think you should know'. So she told me, and it went in one ear and came out the other. So, of course, we proceeded and, I guess after, we would have to think about the consequences. Well, he found out and let's just say there was a confrontation.

- K. F., 33


• A girl cheated on me with my friends (notice the pluralisation) - during high school. I just had a gut feeling about her indiscretions and demanded that she 'fess up', to which she did. That was a low point of my life.

- T. P., 26


• I found out one of my exes was in a relationship for more than two years with another man while she was with me. A friend actually brought it to my attention because they were attending the same school. So I had her doing some surveillance work for me. I popped up on them on a date. The friend I had revealed everything to me in voice notes because my girl was always in class bragging about the man she had. When I confronted her, she had the nerve to deny it. After things went sour with us and we parted, she sent me this long message about six months after revealing everything. She claimed her conscience was bothering her.

- A. B., 26