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Tips from Tam: The cost of clean

Published:Monday | April 4, 2016 | 12:00 AM
Tamika Clough

Just the thought of housework is enough to make many persons feel exhausted.

Keeping your home clean can be a strenuous, stressful task, especially if you have a hectic lifestyle - work full time, have young children, pets, or all of the above.

It makes sense to hire a professional house cleaner or cleaning company to make life less strenuous.

But how much should house cleaning services cost? And what exactly are homeowners getting for their money when they hire a housekeeper/helper or cleaning company?


How house cleaning companies charge


For a first time or deep clean/spring cleaning, professional house cleaning companies typically set house cleaning prices one of two ways - by the hour, or by square foot.

There are other variables which drive costs. For example, are there any rooms that require extra work - such as a family bathroom or large play area. What is the condition of the home? Is it generally clean or chronically cluttered? Are pets in the home and are their droppings all around? These factors increase the cost.


What you get for



your money


While there's no 'standard' set of cleaning services, most house cleaning will include basic tasks such as sweeping, dusting, toilet and shower cleaning and general kitchen cleaning.


Extra costs in house cleaning


Once they've run through the list of typical tasks, many cleaners will ask for an additional list from homeowners - for example, cleaning windows, tackling tough soap scum stains, cleaning the oven or dealing with stained carpets.

Expect to pay more for a deep clean in one specific area, such as a toddler's room or kitchen, or if you require specific products to be used due to allergies or sensitivities.

Some cleaning companies charge you upfront, bring all the supplies that will be needed, while others ask you to have anything you want on hand when they arrive. If you want them to use only eco-friendly cleaners from a specific brand or use a special type of duster, expect your costs to go up.


Comparing costs


General costs for an individual helper is $2,000 to $3,500 per day and between $7,000 and $10,000 per week. The fact is that $2,000 is really quite low for a day's labour. Cleaning companies' prices are usually fixed, but many are willing to negotiate and work with your budget, if reasonable.

Next time we will outline the tasks covered by a deep clean versus a regular clean. Keep reading!

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