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Published:Monday | April 4, 2016 | 12:00 AM
Jason Statham stars as a lethal LA bodyguard in ‘Wild Card’.
Busy Signal

Titchfield took



home the win


Schools' Challenge Quiz saw one of its most exciting matches yet during last week's finals. The battle between Portland-based Titchfield High and Kingston's Campion College was a heated one, with both teams fighting to the very finish. Campion wanted to be champions but Titchfield was in it to win it. Many are still on the fence as to why five extra seconds were added, but in the end, the scores remained 41 to Titchfield and 39 to Campion.

Thursday night into Friday morning, Titchfield students and alumni took to social media to congratulate their school for taking home the title for the first time.


Kehlani suicide attempt


Up-and-coming R&B singer Kehlani posted a picture of herself in the hospital on Instagram and Twitter last week, in which she alleged she attempted suicide. Her motive for such a drastic move is still unknown but she highlighted that God saved her so she must be grateful.

She did, however, try to dispel rumours that the attempt was caused by the buzz that she cheated on her boyfriend, Cleveland Cavalier's Kyrie Irving, with artist PartyNextDoor (PartyNextDoor posted a picture of two hands in bed, one clearly hers, identifiable by her distinct tattoos). After closing down her Twitter and Instagram accounts, many took to those platforms to express their mixed views on the act and had her trending all week.


West Indies shocker?


When it comes to West Indies cricket, we know better than to hold our breaths for a victory, but last Thursday, man, weren't we in for a surprise! We waited in anticipation, hoping with bated breath after 'blush baby' was out for single digits. The semi-final of the World Twenty20 against host nation India was played like a final.

The game came down to the very last balls and it was victory!! Thanks, West Indies, for returning our faith in you for now. Maybe we will hold our breaths in the final.


Busy with LGG5


The new LGG5 Ad introduced by English actor Jason Statham, featuring music from our very own Busy Signal, got over three million views in just five hours. While many have deemed the commercial 'weird', we can't deny its reach based on the famous actor, and we can always appreciate when Jamrock is in the mix.


Parrot fish saga


This has been trending for quite some time now, and this week, the issue was put into serious focus. Responsible for replenishing our beautiful sands, persons who posted or expressed their love for this particular fish came under attach on social media. Many have jumped on the #stopeatingparrotfish campaign to preserve our island's beautiful coast.