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Heart-throb Cafe

Published:Monday | April 18, 2016 | 12:00 AMJody-Anne Lawrence and Krysta Anderson
Mario Lopez
Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson
Ryan Reynolds
Shamar Moore
Chris Hemsworth
George Clooney
Will Smith
Idris Elba
David Beckham
Adam Levine. lead singer of Maroon 5, playing the guitar at the Jamaica Jazz & Blues Festival, Trelawny Multi-Purpose Stadium, in January 2011.<\n>

We know it's the start of a hectic week, so for all the superwomen out there needing a little perk-up from those Mondays blues, you have come to the right place.

Welcome to Heart-throb Café. How would you like your coffee? Mochacino, caramel macchiato, latte, or do you prefer French vanilla? Well, take a look at our menu listing below and we'll get back to you so you can make your order *wink*.







We get a 'twofer' with the Hemsworth brothers and even though Chris (better yet, Thor) is off the market, he sure is good to look at. And if you want to fantasise guilt-free, then little bro Liam is the perfect dose of sexy and suave.


Adam Levine


The lead singer of Maroon 5 is no stranger to thrilling his female fans - melting hearts with his incredible voice topped with his warm, engaging smile. He is also not afraid of baring it all, exposing cuts of precision and igniting our wild imaginations with sizzling nude photo shoots, all for a worthy cause, of course. Call me on that payphone, Adam, and come home!


Zac Efron


We all wanted to be Gabriella in High School Musical for one reason and one reason only to be Troy's girlfriend. Well, the basketball star is all grown up, and he is steamier than ever! If you can get past those soothing grey eyes of his, take a look at his toned frame! I rest my case.


Brad Pitt


There are levels to sexiness, and actor Brad Pitt would have to be at the top of it! It's hard to believe the movie star is in his 50s, especially when you see him topless. Let's just have a moment of silence for his indisputably hot bod, please!




When you think of Tyrese, chocolate immediately comes to mind. This 'Baby Boy' has been pleasing female audiences both on screen and on stage. And with his body moulded to perfection, women yearn for more ... of his talent, that is. Now, why wouldn't you want to be his 'sweet lady' for a lifetime?




They call him U-S-H-E-R, we call him H-O-T-T-T! You know you 'got it bad' if you had a poster of Usher up in your room! Singing, dancing, acting, producing, judging, loving ... you name it, he has done it! This heartthrob has been pulling at our heart strings "nice and slow" for over a decade. He makes 'you wanna leave the one you're with, and start a new relationship' with him.


Will Smith


This Fresh Prince exceeded our expectations, transcending sitcom life to dominating the box office, staring in action movies and dramas. But he always makes time to charm his way into the hearts of the fairer sex, and we love him for that. Added bonus: he's hot while doing it!


Shemar Moore


From soap operas to drama series, it's always incredible seeing Shemar Moore in action! He has had the women weak in the knees with his simply irresistible physique! And P.S., baby girl has never sounded so good!


Mario Lopez


Slater from Saved by the Bell maintained his beef cake looks and charisma all the way to stardom as a TV host! Did I mention his package includes a congenial smile and cute dimples to match? Enough said.


Ryan Reynolds


Boy next door turned action hero will definitely rescue you from any case of boredom. Wanna make it even more interesting? He was named hottest dad alive by People Magazine. Hmm ... Can you say DILF? Food for thought.


Terrence Howard


Mr Empire stepped back in the game as Luscious and women are loving how he is handling his business. He makes pleasure even more exciting with those caramel eyes of his.


LL Cool J


No one has mastered the art of licking their lips like the one and only LL Cool J. You know at one point or another you hoped for that six pack sporting body to 'Luv u better'.


Idris Elba


We all love the British accent but when it comes out of a body so beautiful, it is almost too intoxicating to handle. No wonder Idris Elba plays so many American roles. Women's hearts can only take so much. Thanks Idris, you are a God send.


Michael Ealy


Michael Ealy you might not be the Perfect Guy, but you are the perfect heartthrob. That caramel skin with those blue eyes and full lips? It should be sinful to be that gorgeous.


George Clooney


Very few may remember that this Sexiest Man Alive started out as a stud on the Facts of Life, before becoming the original McSteamy on ER. He has since graduated to eternally attractive with his silver mane. Even though he is taken, we will forever love you, George.


Hugh Jackman


We have all wished to be Jean Grey to have Wolverine fawning over us. Women will die to be Mystique just to transform into anyone next to you.


Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson


We can surely smell what the Rock is cooking and it is a whole lot of handsome. From wrestler to movie star, his career has surely evolved and so have his looks. Rock, the ladies are wondering, do you want what they are cooking?


David Beckham


We all hate Victoria Beckham. Not because she is beautiful and has impeccable fashion sense, but because she has the one thing we can't have David. As a renowned football player he had even the football-hating women tuning in just to see him play.




His eloquence, his black power motivation, his talents, not to mention his looks. There is nothing common about him. We sure want to 'Wake Up' with him.