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Kelly's World: Let them pay

Published:Monday | April 18, 2016 | 12:00 AM

Came across an interesting news item recently that I think we can try right here in Jamrock.

Authorities in Thailand are trying to implement a system where, as part of their punishment, drunk drivers have to work in city morgues. The powers that be want them to have a first-hand look at the results, and possible results, of their behaviour.

According to statistics from the World Health Organization, about 24,000 people die on Thailand's roads every year. Ahm, a

whole heap a people dat! Granted, Thailand's population is nearly 70 million, but that number still sounds high.

The Thai government already sends some drunk and reckless drivers to work in hospital wards, so I figure this new strategy isn't such a stretch. The Cabinet has approved the plan, so it's pretty much good to go. And I think it's an excellent idea that we should pick up here on our island. Our road fatality numbers have been trending in the wrong direction for a while now, so it's worth a shot. And trust me, we don't need to limit it to drunk

drivers. Some of the worst driving I've had the misfortune of seeing are with perfectly sober people at the wheel. Throw in motorcyclists and pedal riders while you're at it. They do equally dumb stuff.

But I see where we can extend it to other areas as well. For instance, those caught committing praedial larceny should be made to till the soil - plant crops and rear animals, and give back to the farmers from whom they stole. Better yet, they should be made to sit and listen to the farmers' children describe how they were not able to go to school because the breadwinning cow was taken and slaughtered.

Parents who refuse to take care of their children financially should be carried to the various parks where homeless children reside, so they can see the possible outcome for their own offspring.

Those persons who steal electricity must be carried to the burn unit or at the various regional hospitals to see what live, loose-hanging illegal connections can do to the human body. They must hear the victims relate how difficult it is to do 'simple' things - like take a bath or go outside for a walk. Better yet, show them some children who were the victims of such set-ups and have them tell the perpetrators the names they're called by mean children because of how they now look.

My only problem with trying such a strategy here is that Jamaican people head tuff! They may try to use the farming equipment to break their way out of prison. Some of the electricity thieves may actually have been burnt themselves at some point. And of course, some Jamaicans are so darned unscrupulous, they might try to see what they can take off of the deceased while they're tending to them in the morgue.

But it's worth a try. So Security Minister and Madame Attorney General, see wha unnu can do fi me. Lata

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