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Bromio by Burch ups the ante

Published:Monday | April 25, 2016 | 12:04 AM
Bromio model Samantha Brown wearing an ambassador T-shirt.
Bromio Models in pieces from the line.
Yasmin Reid in a Bromio t-shirt.
Burchell Gordon, owner of Bromio by Burch, wearing pieces from his ready to wear line.

Originating in a Greek mythological nickname 'Bromius' meaning 'roar' or 'buzz', the brand Bromio by Burch is represented by a budding entrepreneur whose desire for job creation and sustainable economic development grew from a mere thought to the execution, and has now evolved into a clothing line.

The 25-year-old owner and operator, Burchell Gordon, began her company in 2014 with a custom T-shirt line. However, he has now taken his brand to another level, operating under three lines: Ambassador T-shirts, customised clothing, and ready-to-wear collections.

"We started out doing custom T-shirts mostly for the streets, and a few other items such as blazers and custom tank tops. Our main customers were usually younger, hip individuals, as most of our styles feature flamboyant floral, Aztec and animal prints," Gordon told Flair.

He continued: "Bromio has developed into a full business with three major lines. The Ambassador T-shirt line are our top sellers which bear the name/symbol of the brand. Our most recent release we have dubbed 'Stage 2', includes our re branded Ambassador T-shirts in a cleaner, more unique and stylish look for our clientele. These items are a hit across the 16-45 age range."

Brumio by Burch's customised clothing focuses on high-end and corporate clients who wish to sport a more sophisticated look. "It allows us to prepare, from scratch what the clients want, fully and originally done to suit their needs. Most of our clients for this line are in their mid 20s to early 30s age group," Gordon said.

Brumio By Burch has also worked with The Gleaner, making customised aprons and oxford shirts to sponsor the "I Am Not a Chef" web series, as well as a local telecommunication company, musicians and television personalities.

Ready-to-wear Collections:

This collection consists of pieces that they think would suit their customers' needs which are sourced and retailed on a per collection basis. They include button-down shirts, shorts, pants and blouses.

The team of five has experienced much success through their passion and ability to remain relevant in the market.

"We measure our success through our quarterly sales targets and the completion of projects in the allotted time. Customer experience is extremely important; so qualitatively we measure our success from the reception our products receive, as well as the kinds of requests we receive and the number of our products we see on the road daily."

Gordon added, "I love fashion and my team shares this passion. It provides a great way of expressing our creativity. The business has great potential."

All orders are processed with delivery usually within one and five working days during the business week.

A website and app development are in the planning stages to better streamline the business and enable direct orders.

Bromio by Burch, call: 1-876-362-9137 or 1-803-5676; or visit:; Instagram: @bromiobyburch or email: