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Dynamic Lifestye | Meal Prep 101

Published:Monday | May 9, 2016 | 12:00 AMPatrice White
Who knew food prep could be so much fun? Chef Damion Stewart shows Janet Williams the ins and outs of food prep 101.
From left: Damion Stewart, Patrice White and Marlon Birbridge share a laugh as they shopped for their food prep lifestyle party.
Chef Damion Stewart (left) talks to Patrice White and Marlon Birbridge about an assortment of herbal teas from Tea Forte at CPJ Market on Lady Musgrave Road.
Chef Damion Stewart discusses the ingredients of a box of pasta with Kandi King.

They say 'confession is good for the soul'. I say 'confession is good for the belly as well'. Listen, if there was an Olympic foodie competition, I guarantee you that I would win - hands down! Having made that confession, I'm glad to announce that I've got my sweet tooth (plus my belly) under 'control'.

At TheDynamicLifestyle we are aware that one of the biggest struggles you will ever face is overcoming bad eating habits, primarily because we have been socialised to eat for taste, and not necessarily for nutrition. I mean, if you look around, you may easily recognise some of the tastiest, sauciest, juiciest, most delectable, yet most heart-clogging and nutrient-deficient foods the eyes will ever behold! So, this week, we're helping you break the cycle of bad eating habits. This week - *drum roll, please* - we'll be discussing meal prep!!!

About a weekend ago, the team and I went grocery shopping with Chef Damion Stewart for our very first LifestyleChangeParty. The party was everything! We addressed topics such as detox, mindset, meals and more. What we loved most about the session was the strong sense of community. We also realised that the key to achieving our goal may be found in one 'likkle teeny' word called 'support'. Here are some awesome and useful takeaways from our LifestyleParty:


Tip # 1: Reset your body


The body naturally cleans itself through our bowel movements, when we sweat, or even when we exhale. Our cells die daily and replace themselves just as fast! But the truth is, the air we breathe, the food we eat, and the bad habits we have may be making our bodies toxic. In order to protect us, the body may store fat around our organs. Also, let's say you like salty foods but don't drink enough water to flush. Your body will retain water to protect itself from the excess salts, and that excess water adds to your weight. So, detoxing is key - it's basically pushing the 'reset' button on your cells to get your body to release all of the toxins. I recommend a three-day weekend detox to kick-start the body, using green juices, raw fruits and vegetables, and herbs. You'll visit the bathroom a lot but the juices will taste good (some will be not so nice) but it's a step in the right direction. Danielle from @naturemytherapy did a wonderful job of explaining this. Reach out to her on social media for some great detox packages.


Tip #2: Remove temptations


My clients can tell you that in order to stay focused on clean eating you need to take a radical step. I suggest you remove all the processed foods like white breads, crackers, and sugars from your cupboards. I cannot emphasise this enough - remove them. After you've cleansed your body during your detox, you will need to feed your body the nourishment it needs. Remove all the 'junk food' and replace them with vegetables, nuts, seeds, ground provisions, and a limited number of fruits.


Tip # 3: Eat smaller,



nutrient-dense portions


This leads us to the fun part! To meal plan properly, I suggest you have five to six small meals per day consisting of veggies, lean protein and complex carbs. This will help you to feel fuller, and will also help you to resist the urge to cheat. For example, a meal that our Chef Damion Stewart prepared for us at the party included quinoa, lean chicken breast, and veggies - delicious! I strongly suggest that you replace sauces with spices when preparing proteins, and that you try to cut white rice from your diet - brown rice or quinoa is best. I also suggest that you prepare meals once per week. Sunday evenings work best for me. Please take some time to find out what day/days are best for you.


Tip #4: Drink lots of water



and carry a lunch kit


It may look silly, but carrying a lunch kit and a water bottle are some of the safest ways to keep healthy. Sip on water throughout the day and eat your meals on time. This will help with your fitness goals, and will certainly help you to develop TheDynamicLifestyle. Remember, training your body isn't the hard part, it's the mindset that needs to change.

If you are truly interested in living your best and healthiest life, please make a decision to join me for a paid webinar called 'The Dynamic Lifestyle: Transformation Through Action' on May 21, 2016 between 11 a.m. and midday. My guest presenter, Belinda Williams will share about her own weight loss journey. She'll also share tips on how you may lose weight and keep it off. You may register at: www.bit.Ly/DynamicLifestyle1. Also, be sure to head over to and sign up to receive our newsletter.