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All dolled up for 'I do'

Published:Monday | May 16, 2016 | 12:00 AMKrysta Anderson
Marsha Alexander personifies glitz and glam with her look which is perfect for an ideal evening wedding.
Whitney Francis cools it down but maintains her fierceness and elegance with this morning look.
Dianne Brown rocks an afternoon wedding look - versatile enough to be carried into the night.
Makeup Artist Sharon Wint, works her cosmetic magic on Marsha Alexander to get her ready for her evening wedding.
Whitney Francis is all smiles as she is all done up with warm shades for her morning wedding.

High on a bride's to-do list after getting her wedding dress is her make-up. All brides want to be gorgeous and flawless on their wedding day. So Flair teamed up with Sharon Wint of Face Forward to reveal some pointers on how brides can achieve an iconic look for their wedding depending on the time of day that it happens.


Morning look


If you are getting married in the morning, Wint advices using warm colours like warm orange and burgundy. "The sun magnifies everything in the morning, so what you want to do is tone down the look without being too naked. You really want to glow during this time of the day."


Afternoon wedding


Because we are in the tropics, for an afternoon wedding Wint suggests a smoky look, "This look is versatile because it is still very appropriate for the day but can be taken into the night. Also, if you don't have a make-up artist staying with you, smoky eyes would be ideal as a two-in-one.


Evening weddings


The classic evening look demands more drama with a little more shimmer. "By then, sunlight is at its lowest and you can go for a deeper more dramatic look. So play into the glitz and glam as you emerge as the belle of your wedding ball."