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'Twas Trending

Published:Monday | May 23, 2016 | 12:00 AM
This August 21, 2015 AP photo shows an EgyptAir Airbus A320 with the registration SU-GCC taking off from Vienna International Airport, Austria. Egyptian aviation officials said on Thursday May 19, 2016 that an EgyptAir plane with the registration SU-GCC, traveling from Paris to Cairo with 66 passengers and crew on board has crashed off the Greek island of Karpathos. Meanwhile, Egypt's chief prosecutor Nabil Sadek says he has ordered an "urgent investigation" into crash. Sadek instructed the National Security Prosecutor to open an "extensive investigation" in the incident.

Welcome to this week's 'Twas Trending, where the rumours don't always have to be true, but it has to be trending. If it wasn't hot last week, then it's definitely not on this line-up. Read more for all the details.

Hello PM LC

One of the youngest advocates for Black Lives Matter is our very own LC. The daughter of DJ Assasin is loved for her fun and outgoing personality on social media. Last week during a radio interview, when asked what she would do if she were prime minister of Jamaica for a day, she answered by stating she would help build the laws: "I would say no pushing black people because I'm black. Hello?!" Way to stand up for black people, LC! You have our vote!

Missing Flight

Catastrophe struck on Thursday when Egyptian flight MS804 from France to Cairo disappeared. On Friday debris were found in the Mediterranean Sea, but they have yet to find the plane. The question on everyone's mind - is this an act of terrorism? Our hearts go out to the family of those who were on the flight.

More fire on dancehall

Marvin the beast, has been coming under fire after a video was posted of him and his dance cronies attacking a female patron at a party. It went viral with many stating that the act was similar to rape and not only is it not a good look for dance hall, he should be charged with battery. He has since apologised, but for many the damage has already been done.

In the same week, another video went viral of a woman being set on fire by a male patron who threw alcohol on her gyrating derriere and another proceeded to light it with a lighter. She proceeded to remove her undergarments to prevent serious injury. She was later seen accosting the man, with the DJ in the background begging for him. The dance hall continues to be full of drama so please dance responsibly.

Leah strong

Leah Still warmed hearts at her father's wedding last weekend. Her father NFL Player Devon Still, had shared on social media, his daughter's battle with cancer. Having won the battle, she was the star of the show giving a very heart felt speech and leading the family dance. It was the most beautiful moment ever seen. It naturally trended as the ultimate happily ever after story.

Loving it!

Cannes International Film Festival has been buzzing all week as celebrities invaded the south of France. Among the numerous movies screened, Loving has been creating quite a buzz. The movie is a true story of the interracial couple of Mildred and Richard Loving, who made history in their attempt to defy the racial laws and got married. Is there an Ocsar in the works for Loving? Guess we just have to wait and see.