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My best One-Night Stand

Published:Monday | May 30, 2016 | 12:00 AM

Intrigue. Intimacy. Strangers. Ecstasy. A few of the ingredients of a one-night stand and what seems to attract a lot of men to the practice.

Flair spoke to some men who revealed that having sex with a stranger is very enticing - no commitment, just having your cake and eating it, too.

The truth about one-night stands is that it's a place where sexual experience and emotional intimacy cannot coexist. It's an experience that a lot of men share, but the experience for each of them is entirely different. For some, it may have been the best sex of their lives, while others despise the awkwardness that can occur.

These men opened up and told us about their one-night experiences. You might want to buckle your seat belts for this ride!

My best one-night stand was great. I knew absolutely nothing about the girl. She saw me in the club dancing and came over and said she was turned on by my dancing. I was surprised, and even more so when she said, "You don't know what you're doing to me." With that, I instantly asked her to take a walk with me outside. By the time we got somewhere secretive, she was all over me. At first, I thought she was drunk, but I must say she gave me the best oral sex I've ever received. In addition, the sex was breathtaking. I will never forget that night. The reason it really sticks out in my mind is that she was an absolute stranger and I never saw her again.

- N.D., 31


My best one-night stand was somewhat destined to happen. It was with a girl I had admired for a long time on campus and who I'd exchanged a few smiles with. One night, my friends and I went to a party, and it must have been my lucky night because she happened to be there. We ended up dancing, and I clearly remembered how heated our dance got because J. Holiday's Bed was playing. We got closer and started to make out and grope each other. It was getting very heated, so we decided to get some air. We ended up in the parking lot, chilling by my friend's car which I had the keys to. We flirted and started to kiss again. From there, we got into the backseat. After that night, we never exchanged words. We both knew it wasn't supposed to happen, so we never spoke again.

- J.G., 23


I was 16 and had a female friend who had a 26-year-old aunt. We had a little attraction, but she felt I was too young but I chatted her up so much she somewhat fell for me. One Friday evening, my friend and her aunt went to a beach close to their home to have some drinks. My friend ended up leaving and left her aunt with me. The beach was dark and there was only about six persons there including us and we got a little tipsy. We ended up kissing and one thing led to another. She moved back to her parish the Sunday after that and I only spotted her once since.

- A.W., 27


One night, I was on my way home from a friend's house when I saw a girl I went to high school with at the bus stop. I pulled up and asked her if she needed a ride because I was heading in her direction. When she got in, being the troublemaker I am, I started messing with her, telling her she still looks like a little kid and how shy she was in school. She immediately started to tell me how grown she is and that she's not shy anymore. I rested my case and continued driving.

When I reached her home she asked if she could come by my place. I was young, single, and not looking for commitment, so I was all game. When we got to my house, we drank some wine and fooled around. When I woke up the next morning, I saw her laying naked next to me. Though my memories were a bit hazy, I remember the sex and how good it was. My one-night stand was perfect as she never made contact after that.

- S.S., 35


It was a rainy night and I went by my friend's to watch a movie like we usually do. Mind you, my friend is a beautiful, intelligent young woman whom I've admired since we were kids. We watched the movie for a while until it got boring and I decided to go home. She followed me to the gate, we talked for a while then ended up going over to my house. The rain caught us on the way so we were soaking wet. After inviting her in to wait out the rain, the attraction that was clearly there got the better of us. The next week, she went away to her family in another parish and two months after that, she went abroad. From that day, we never spoke again.

- J.W., 38


My best one-night stand was with a woman I met in a club, who I must say was very attractive and decent. I bought her a few drinks and though I didn't expect to sleep with her, I chilled with her for the rest of the night, and ended up dropping her home. With a little bit of alcohol in our systems we talked a little, kissed, and things got out of hand right there in the car. It was the best because the sex was heated and she didn't ask for my contact when she was leaving.

- R.D., 25