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How yoga changed my life

Published:Monday | June 6, 2016 | 12:00 AMJody-Anne Lawrence
Nadine Cobourne not only learnt how to control and contort her body, but her mind as well through the practice of yoga.
Roxanne Wright completely relaxed while doing a head stand.

Yoga means addition - addition of energy, strength and beauty to body, mind and soul." These words from Amit Ray's book Meditation: Insights and Inspirations, seems to hold true for yogis Roxanne Wright and Nadine Cobourne for whom practising yoga has been life-changing.

Roxanne's Story


Feeling stressed and overwhelmed by the corporate world, Roxanne Wright sought out yoga as a way to keep fit and relieve stress.

That was in 2008. In 2013, she left the corporate world to start her own vegetarian business. Admittedly, there was a lot left for her to learn and her first attempt in the restaurant industry did not go well. Practising yoga on and off for sometime was a little fulfilling but she needed more, so she took some time to travel to India to learn more about the practise. She got more than the little nudge in the right direction from that trip, she received a whole new world.

"It was like an awakening," noted Wright. She explained that she learnt that yoga was more than exercise but rather a way of life. It helped her to manage her body and learn to cope with stress. She got certified as a Yoga Instructor, and decided to start teaching to help others build the self awareness that she had gained.

Yoga had placed her in a better frame of mind that allowed her to take a second shot at the restaurant business - DreamLife Cuisine, which was a success the second time around. Wright also teaches yoga at TrueSelf Centre of Being.

Wright tells Flair that she gained a new perspective on life and learnt how to handle her emotions and pace herself - something she was not able to do before. Wright also believed that it impacted her communication skills. In the end, she asserts that yoga made her more complete.


Nadine's Story


When it came to a lifestyle change, yoga flipped Nadine Cobourne's world upside down.

Cobourne admits that she was a bit obsessive and a complete perfectionist, which completely overwhelmed her. She remembered while attending - Brigham Young University, she got an A- in a course, and flipped out.

"I went into my adviser's office and told them that I needed to do over the course because an A- just would not do. I wanted to get into an Ivy league University to study law, and this was unacceptable in my mind," she recalled to Flair.

She suffered from severe insomnia - counting sheep, warm milk, none of the home remedies she could find worked.

Cobourne started practising Patricia Walden's night time yoga (on DVD). This was the only thing that could help her sleep - it calmed her and guided her into a restful state of mind.




In 2010, feeling the effects of her self-induced pressure and conflicts with her changing religious views (she was a practising Mormon) she decided to take some time off from school. She did not want to just be sitting at home doing noting, so she got certified in yoga and Zumba training and returned to Jamaica.

Cobourne began teaching and immediately felt her pressure slip away. She said she felt more self-aware, and learnt how to positively handle her emotions and most important, remove the stress that she placed on herself.

Overwhelmed with emotions, Cobourne could not hold back how much Yoga had changed her life. She said she remembered her father and sister asking her, 'What would you do for free?'. That is what changed it all for me," she said.

She plans to finish her degree to keep her options open for her master in anything affiliated with yoga. She no longer has any intention of practising law or working in any field related to political science. Cobourne says she has found herself in yoga.



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