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'Twas Trending

Published:Monday | June 6, 2016 | 12:00 AM
Taylor Swift

Keeping up

with the Bops

It seems Gully Bop has once again broken things off with another girlfriend, A'Mari. This time, he did the dumping. Photos and videos are circulating on social media featured another woman and rumour had it that she is his new girlfriend-Rica. Both parties have come out to deny the allegations of any relationship, stating they are just friends. Bop really living up to his hit song "every gayal wan a wuk off a mi"

Gorilla Warfare

Social media was split right down the middle when it came to the death of gorilla Harambe. Last week, video surfaced of a three year old boy being dragged through the moat after he fell into the gorilla enclosure at the Cincinnati Zoo.

Fearing for the young one's safety, they decided it was in the best interest to kill the gorilla. But animal rights activists have been up in arms about the matter. But who is to blamed here? Some say it's the fault of the parent, others blamed the zoo for not providing stringent safety measures. All in all, everyone is happy that the child came out unscathed and so many mourn the death of dear Harambe.

Bigger Better Network?

Caricel Jamaica has been creating waves on social media last week, so much so that it was trending. The mobile war is on with allegations of who has 4G and who doesn't. Lets see how this really plays out.

The real cause of Prince's death

It was released last Thursday that the cause of the death of Prince is Opioid overdose. Many knew he needed medication for his broken hip, but no one wanted to assume that it went too far. Sigh, twas a sad day for the entertainment industry once again.


Taylor Swift Single Again. Say it isn't so! Everyone was rooting for lovebirds Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris to make it all the way down to the isle. But it appears the two have called it quit. This must be a record for the startled, but according to her ex, there is no bad blood between the two.

Now she and gal pal Gigi Hadid will have to rely on each other as it was also announced last week that Hadid split with boyfriend Zayn Malik.

A Jamaican

athlete positive?

It has been reported that Nesta Carter is the Jamaican that tested positive for the banned substance - Methylhxaneamine. This after over 400 samples for the 2008 Olympics were retested. What now? How many medals and records will be lost? And what does this mean for Rio?