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Yoga-cize in the Bedroom

Published:Monday | June 6, 2016 | 12:00 AMKrysta Anderson
Cat Cow
Cow to the Cat
Downward facing dog
Pigeon pose
Wide Straddle
A variation of plough for those who are more advanced.
Happy baby
The Plough
Eagle pose
Leg up the wall

Want to have an even deeper connection with your significant other? I bet you never thought of using yoga. Well, think again. Engaging in yoga between the sheets can not only enhance the overall experience by increasing energy and libido, but the poses themselves can also be utilised and added to the repertoire of sensual positions.

So, in honour of International Yoga Day, the Flair went to Chai Studios and enlisted the expertise of Zoe Arscott, certified Yoga instructor, fitness instructor, health coach and co-owner to show us a few yoga moves and share their advantages when executed in the bedroom.

Some may be familiar to you, others may be outside of your territory. Arscott strongly advises that you consult with a doctor or a physician before trying to attempt a few of these poses.

According to Arscott, Cat Cow, a two-in-one pose, strengthens pelvic floor muscles and the kegle muscles. It also helps to lengthen the spine, as well as produce better, more controlled orgasms. Very interesting.

Downward facing dog, a popular pose assists in calming the mind, invigorating the body, and improves flexibility and muscle tone, giving an overall feeling of being sexy. Now, who doesn't want to feel sexy?

Pigeon pose opens up the hips and groin while releasing tension in the back and lower body. This move, Arscott said, is related to sexual energy, since the hips are where you hold a lot of suppressed desires, so opening that up helps to release that energy. The hips don't lie indeed!

The eagle pose produces a tourniquet effect, which is the process of binding or bondage in the body, "When you release your legs, all the blood comes flooding through the cervix. This pose requires focus and concentration because holding it requires balance," explains Arscott. The pose is so sensual that it has transcended to the kama sutra. Enough said.

Bridge pose stretches the back and body from the spine to the hamstring, is similar to doing kegles - working the same muscle area and provides intense hip-thrust stretch. Imagine the increase in stimulation.

Legs up the wall helps to stretch the lower back and let the blood flow to the pelvic area, increasing excitement on impact. Who would've thought?

Happy Baby stretches the hip, realigns the spine and helps you feel happy. Now who doesn't want to be happy where it really counts?

Wide Straddle helps with the lower back, increases blood flow to the pelvic region, and at the same time, increases energy and libido.

The Plough - a more advanced pose, calms the brain, reduces stress and fatigue, and is therapeutic for back ache, headache, infertility, and insomnia while relieving the symptoms of menopause. The position was demonstrated in two variations and oozes sex appeal.

Arscott also gave us some general benefits to incorporating yoga in the bedroom:

* Increases flexibility.

* Creates awareness and appreciation for the present moment which makes each experience more enjoyable and memorable.

* Helps to maintain a healthy body and mind and thus a better overall feeling of self.

* Increases libido.

So dare to be different and strike a pose or nine. It might pay off for you and your partner in the long run.