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Kelly's World | For Sinco and Gary G

Published:Monday | June 13, 2016 | 12:00 AM

Somehow, it would be ludicrous and practically a sin for me to write about any topic other than the two journalists The Gleaner/RJR family (and wider Jamaican and Caribbean media fraternity) have lost.

Glenroy 'Sinco' Sinclair and Gary 'Gary G' Spaulding (the latter was my nickname for him) are two of the men who made me realise that so many are 'reporters'; they were journalists. Sinco seemed like he could find more information from one phone call than an entire newsroom could find in a day of searching. Gary G was the same way. Any political movements need confirmation? Call Gary, man, him have source. And most times, both their sources were bang on target.

The thing about both men was that despite their obvious areas of expertise, crime beat for Sinco and politics/Parliament for Gary G, they had other areas of interest in which they revelled. Sinco was a motorsport man. Did not realise this until after more than a few years of working with him. Also found it strange because, to my knowledge, he didn't drive. Go figure. He was on first-name basis with the racing royalty in Jamaica. So much so that at a recent go-kart meet in Kingston, the tributes flowed. The final race was dedicated to him, the Glenroy Sinclair Memorial. And by all indications, it will be a fixture on the scene going forward. Talk about making your mark!

For Gary, at least in my opinion, his other passion was track and field. It was a big joke for me and the other reporters whenever Boys and Girls' Championships came around. Gary was quoted as saying that Parliament and politics were taking a back seat during that week.

"More important things going on right now," he would say with a smile, before turning his attention to the television in the Editorial Department. Heaven forbid that an unscheduled press conference should be called, drawing him from 'Champs'. He was a bit of a historian too, able to reel off the names of Champs greats, and not just from his beloved Kingston College. He might not be able to get the exact year of a particular feat, but he knew his stuff.

Their deaths shocked me for two different reasons. Sinco was an advocate for healthy living and eating over the last few years. So when I heard about him, it didn't make sense. Still doesn't, to be honest. Gary G shocked us because, let's face it, which newsroom loses two veterans in the space of mere days? The looks of disbelief painted on the faces of my co-workers will stay with me for a while. Like a bad horror movie.

Death comes to us all. That's a fact that actually annoys me no end. But if you have to go, at least live a life that was worth emulating; a life for which you will be remembered. Sinco and Gary G did that for sure. And for that, we can smile.

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