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Debunking the misconceptions: Christian Edition

Published:Monday | June 20, 2016 | 12:00 AM
Pope Francis delivers the Urbi et Orbi (to the city and to the world) blessing at the end of the Easter Sunday Mass in St. Peter's Square at the Vatican

Religions and denominations have different beliefs and practices. For persons outside of these groups, these practices might seem strange. Rumours circulate and misconceptions are formed.

Flair spoke with persons from different denominations about some of the myths surrounding their religious practices.




1. The Pope is not their God. They see him as God's representative on earth.

2. They recognise Saturday as the Sabbath but because he rose on the Sunday, which is seen as Christ's Day. They worship on that day.

3. There is a belief that non-Catholics cannot attend Mass. This is false.

Everyone is welcome, but unless they profess to be Catholic they cannot take part in communion.

4. Catholics can marry non-Catholics, despite popular belief. There is one caveat, however - the children should be raised as Catholics.


Seventh-day Adventists


1. One misconception is that they live by the teachings of Ellen G. White (one of the founders of the denomination) more than they do the Bible. This is not so.

2. They are not all vegetarians. A healthy lifestyle is recommended but only pork is restricted.

3. Another misconception is that they do not speak in tongues. They do.

4. It is not true that they cannot spend money, clean, cook, or give someone a glass of water on the Sabbath. The only thing prohibited on the Sabbath is work.


Jehovah's witnesses


1. They do not condone blood transfusion, but that does not mean that they do not seek medial attention when needed. They believe that blood is the life of a person - and that is for God - which is why they do not accept blood transfusion.

2. The belief that they do not attend or enter other churches is not a rule implemented by the church, but a personal decision.

3. They do not shun members who sin.

4. They do not sell their magazines. People can voluntarily donate but if they choose not to, that is fine.




1. Apostolics are sometimes referred to as the 'Jesus only' church, making reference to their baptism in Jesus' name. Some believe that because of this, the church does not believe in the Father and the Holy Ghost - which is not true. Apostolics do believe in the three. However, they believe that the three are one.

2. Some believe that you have to be rich to attend this church. This is not true. The rule 'Come just as you are' applies here.

3. Speaking in tongues is not something that they make up or perform. One has to be filled and led by the spirit to do so. It is not a performance.

4. It is not a revivalist church.