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Man behind the make-up

Published:Monday | June 27, 2016 | 12:00 AM
International make-up artist Jason Guasch with a happy customer.
Jason Guasch

Though international make-up artist Jason Guasch has been working in the industry for more than a decade, some would consider him new to the business.

He has been working with L'Oreal for the past two years, but things weren't always colourful or beautiful for the visual artist-turned-MUA. From humble beginnings in Puerto Rico, Guasch has had to fight for his dreams, especially when he moved to the United States.

While working the cash register at Burger King, his affable personality set him apart from his co-workers. He then moved on to sales at Macy's Department Store. There, again, his personality and the keen interest he took in fulfilling the needs of customers gained him high praise. This led to him being appointed to sell cosmetics, skin-care and beauty products for a premium brand in store. He was required to learn about the high-end products and sell to customers.

In this new position, he discovered early on that it is not about selling the benefits of a product to the customer, but how you make the  customers feel. As a visual artist, painting is his first passion, his second is working with people. So, after excelling in the sales of make-up and cosmetics, he moved on to make-up artistry, an outlet that fused both his passions.

But it was not a seamless move, because at first he was very sceptical about entering the industry. His greatest fear was that he would do someone's make-up and they would not like it.




His ability to listen to his customers' needs opened a whole new world of relationship-building, and that has been the catalyst for the quality of his work and success. Guasch said there are no rules in art but if he can give every woman a chance to visually express their inner beauty, then for him that's a job well done. Working with so many women, Guasch said that true beauty is internal, and he is happy when he is able to use his skills to bring out that inner glow

in women. "Every woman I meet reassures me why I love my job," he noted.

Guasch said he believes in an energy most refer to as God - he defines it as love. Guasch's client base includes supermodel Giselle, L'OrÈal ambassadors and many celebrities in Puerto Rico.

His make-up influences are David Lang and Vidal Oqendo. He has worked for Channel, Yves St Laurent, and Giorgio Armani. Guasch said he particularly loves working for L'OrÈal because of the quality of the brand's products.

His signature look is the natural (no make-up) look, and he abides by the age-old make-up rule - less is more. He said he believes that what he receives from the women who sit in his chair is greater than what he is able to give back, and he tells his clients that limitations exist only in their minds, and that they can achieve anything they desire.

Beyond the simple application of colourful products to the face, he sees make-up as a technique that modifies not only one's appearance, but also helps one to cope with self-image, emotions and moods. When a woman feels good, he said she looks good, and vice versa.