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The Dynamic Lifestyle | Fun, fit summer: Top 5 fun family fitness tips for Summer 2016

Published:Monday | July 4, 2016 | 12:00 AM

Look who's here! It’s (drum roll, please) summer! There are so many amazing things about this time of the year.

You know, the children are home, the days are longer, and there are endless opportunities to create great memories as a family. It’s also that time of year when the sun is at its peak. That means it’s the time to get the best fat burn possible.

As for me, I’m so ready for summer 2016! To prove it, I’ve even decided on my motto for the season: ‘Just Have Fun’.

If you are all about fun, family, and fitness, please be sure to join the Dynamic Lifestyle team for this three-part Summer 2016 Family Fitness Series. Let’s commit to working out; eating clean, delicious foods; and enjoying every single second of this golden season.

Hold up just a minute, before we get going, always remember to consult with your physician before doing any form of exercise, depending on your present health conditions. We want you to be the best versions of yourselves, while avoiding unnecessary damage.

Once you are ready to go, let’s get this party started!

Today, we’ll discuss how you and your family can take the guesswork out of fitness and make it work for everyone in your home.

Dynamic Lifestyle-approved: Top 5 Family Fitness Tips.

1 Walking or running: Once your children are at the age where they can lace up their sneakers and head out the door to burn some calories, why not let them? Walking or running is great because it helps to increase your endurance, regulates your breathing, aids in weight loss, and will offer a fun, competitive activity for everyone to partake of and enjoy. Start by having pre-and post-dinner walks. After a few weeks, you can elevate it to jogging, then running. Before you know it, your family will be training for a 5K Walk/Run!

2 Basketball: This is another great cardio activity that burns calories and promotes team building. It’s high energy, heart pounding, and fun. Make the game more interesting by having children against parents in a competitive match. In that way, everyone will be part of the game – the ones who feel as if they can’t play and the self-professed pros.

3 At-home obstacle course: If you have the luxury of a backyard or a nearby park, how about turning it into a mini-obstacle course that you can use to keep everyone active during the holidays? You could design a sock match. The objective here is to give one team a coloured sock and the other team a white sock. Each team scores points based on its ability to grab the sock of the other team. Obstacle courses are simple and effective. Furthermore, they are a great way to work up a sweat.

4 Dance-a-thon: For a burn that’s fun, crank up the music and drop some legs! Have a weekly dance-off, where your child or children can teach their parents current moves and parents can teach some old-school moves. Afterwards, you can do these moves to a current song in a dance-off battle. The most energetic and convincing dancer wins each round.

5 Chore challenge: If your family loves gadgets, the way mine does, why not buy pedometers for everyone and have them watch their steps for the chores they complete? Set a goal, and at the end of each week, reward the person who got the most chores done and the most steps done for the week!

These activities are great for bonding and strengthening your family relationships. By taking the time to be active, you’re also showing your children that moving is fun, while encouraging your children to embrace a more active lifestyle.

You don’t want to miss our next article in this series! We’ll look at the best places to go for the summer to achieve your summer 2016 family fun fitness goals!

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